OBITS: June 12, 2017

Lawrence R. McFarland La Grande Lawrence R. McFarland, 91, of La Grande, died June 9 … Read more

OBITS: June 7, 2017

Marilyn Winterton La Grande Marilyn Winterton, 83, died June 5 at her home in La … Read more

OBITS: May 29, 2017

Gary Bruch La Grande Gary Bruch, 70, of La Grande, died May 28. An obituary … Read more

OBITS: May 26, 2017

Craig, Luckett

Virginia M. Luckett La Grande Virginia M. Luckett, 58, of La Grande, died May 25 … Read more

OBITS: May 24, 2017

Hicks, Cantrall, Tippett, Head

Charles A. Hicks Elgin Charles A. Hicks, 73, of Elgin, died May 23 at his … Read more

OBITS: May 22, 2017

Holland, Cantor, Hudson

Richard W. Holland Cove Richard W. Holland, 89, of Cove, died May 20 at his … Read more

OBITS: May 19, 2017

Bolin, Marshall

Zelda I. Marshall Cove A memorial service for Zelda Irene “Zip” Marshall will be held … Read more

OBITS: May 17, 2017

Fregulia, Cantrell, Hudson, Tishmack, Anderson, Hamilton, Young

Minnie Fregulia Enterprise Minnie Fregulia, 99, of Enterprise, died May 12 at her home. A … Read more

OBITS: May 12, 2017

Young, Boles

Walter Young Elgin Walter Young, 69, died May 9 at his home in Elgin. Arrangements … Read more

OBITS: May 10, 2017


Raymond Blubaugh La Grande Raymond Blubaugh, 86, of La Grande, died May 8 at Wildflower … Read more

OBITS: May 8, 2017

Rita R. Caverhill La Grande Rita R. Caverhill, 93, of La Grande, died May 5 … Read more

OBITS: May 5, 2017

Clarence Southard Elgin A graveside service for Clarence Southard, of Elgin, will be held at … Read more

OBITS: May 1, 2017

Fredric Talbott Union A graveside service for Fredric “Fred” Talbott, of Union, will be held … Read more

OBITS: April 28, 2017

Emery, Collins

Alice Emery La Grande Alice Emery, 87, of La Grande, died April 27 at a … Read more

OBITS: April 26, 2017

Henderson, Courtright, Johnston

Artheda R. Henderson La Grande Artheda R. Henderson, 80, of La Grande, died April 25 … Read more

OBITS: April 19, 2017


Fern I. Clinkenbeard La Grande Fern I. Clinkenbeard, 87, of La Grande, died April 17 … Read more

OBITS: April 17, 2017

Debra Crisp Formerly of Union Debra Crisp, 59, formerly of Union, died April 14 in … Read more

OBITS: April 14, 2017

Leona D. Collins Formerly of Union and Wallowa counties Leona D. Collins, 91, of Walla … Read more

OBITS: April 12, 2017

Gordon L. Hooton Union Gordon L. Hooton, 78, of Union, died April 10. A viewing … Read more

OBITS: April 10, 2017

William C. Bard La Grande William C. Bard, 87, of La Grande, died April 9 … Read more

OBITS: April 7, 2017

Holderness, Hjelm

Phyllis M. Holderness Formerly of La Grande Phyllis Mae Holderness, 86, formerly of La Grande, … Read more

OBITUARIES: March 31, 2017

Bennett, Halloran

Marvin A. Bennett Formerly of Cove Marvin A. Bennett, 85, of Baker City and formerly … Read more

OBITS: March 29, 2017

Lind, Sullivan, Wise, Kacer, May

Lorraine W. Lind Formerly of La Grande Lorraine Winifred (Thompson Brooks Westenskow) Lind, 86, formerly … Read more

OBITS: March 27, 2017

Linda S. Lewis Wallowa Linda Sue Lewis, 61, of Wallowa, died March 23 at Wallowa … Read more

OBITS: March 24, 2017

Knifong, Bailey, Johnson

Linda Knifong Enterprise A memorial service for Linda Knifong will be held at 1 p.m. … Read more

OBITS: March 22, 2017

Tuttle, Lutz, Jones, James

Geneva Tuttle Formerly of La Grande Geneva Tuttle, 94, formerly of La Grande, died March … Read more

OBITUARY:March 17, 2017


Juanita Omohundro Summerville Juanita Omohundro, 82, of Summerville, died March 15 at her home. An … Read more

OBITS: March 13


Patricia A. VanNice La Grande Patricia A. VanNice, 64, of La Grande, died March 10 … Read more

OBITS: March 8

Trump, Silvernail

Carole M. Silvernail Elgin Carole M. Silvernail, 76, of Elgin, died March 6 at Grande … Read more

OBITS: March 3, 2017

Hansen, Halladay, Webb

Beverly A. Hansen Elgin Beverly A. Hansen, 77, of Elgin, died March 2 at a … Read more

OBITS: March 1, 2017


Farrell D. Garrett Enterprise Farrell Dean Garrett, 76, of Enterprise, died Feb. 24 at his … Read more

OBITUARIES: Feb. 24, 2017


Clarence Southard Elgin Clarence Southard, 88, of Elgin, died Feb. 23 at Grande Ronde Hospital. … Read more

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