August 30, 2001 11:00 pm

By Gary Fletcher

Observer Staff Writer

JOSEPH The resignation of Joseph Timber Company manager Dave Shriner has resulted in one of the owners taking more responsibility in plant management.

Paula Krieger, who has owned the mill with her husband, Steve, since 1995, has become more involved in day-to-day plant management.

Steve Kriegers role as owner/investor as opposed to manager has not changed, she said. He is still involved in the financial end. He was out of town this week working with the couples other two companies, a land development firm in the Portland area and a Southern California auto


Joseph Timber employees are also becoming involved and empowered under an updated management strategy.

All the employees of the company share a critical role in its future, a press release Wednesday from Wallowa Resources said.

Wallowa Resources, a non-profit organization, became an equity and management partner in Joseph Timber in March.

Wallowa Resources created a for-profit subsidiary, Community Solutions Inc., to which Wallowa Resources divested its equity and management interest in May.

Shriner, who will continue to advise the mill, announced his resignation July 25 after serving as manager for several years. Shriners last day at the mill, where he worked for some 20 years, was Monday.

We will miss having Dave Shriner on a daily basis, but in his capacity as a consultant, he will continue to develop new ideas and strategies for the mill, Paula Krieger said.

From his new home in Hawaii, Shriner will pursue an international consulting business. This is the best group of people to work at the mill since Ive been here, he said.

Ryan Perrin has been appointed mill superintendent. His management team will include Barbara Couch and Larry McCaulden. The team will report directly to owner representatives Paula Krieger and David Hockett. Hockett is president of the new Community Solutions Inc. board of directors.

Even though the road is a bit rocky, we are moving forward with a plan for the future that includes the long-term operation of this company, Hockett said.

The other Community Solutions directors are Mike Hayward and Les Bridges. Bridges owns the Farmers Insurance agency in Enterprise. Previous to that he was manager of the Wallowa Forest Products mill for seven years and district manager of a Southwest Oregon log-scaling bureau.

Hayward, who holds a forestry degree from Washington State University, is chairman of the Wallowa County Board of Commissioners.