September 03, 2001 11:00 pm

Gary Condit said enough

To the Editor:

On Saturdays opinion page, you asked for opinions about the Condit interview.

I would never, ever, condone an affair, but would the American public knowing if Chandra Levy and Rep. Gary Condit had an affair make one bit of difference in the case of her disappearance? I dont believe that we the people need to know every single detail of a persons personal life. The authorities have investigated Condit thoroughly and I feel its in their hands now.

Bill Clinton was cited in your editorial as having eventually told the truth. Maybe he did after he was backed into a corner, but first he lied. At least Condit didnt lie about it.

I got very sick of Connie Chung asking the same question over and over, determined to reveal some sordid details that the public is eager to hear. I say, enough already!

Cristine Martin

Island City

Great concert experience

To the Editor:

Michelle Leonard needs a special acknowledgment for her great effort and support for the Nicole Campbell concert.

Those who attended for sure had a great experience and for those who could not attend, maybe next year.

Thank you, Michelle, and all your great sponsors. We hope the Blue Mountain Humane Society benefitted. I also appreciated Mike Mallory and his band for their great music.

The Polo Club had a fine performance and law enforcement had great demo with the animal officer. The food and refreshments were also very good.

Nicole had folks from as far away as Boise come for the performance.

I appreciate all who were there.

Carmen Christensen


Move Measure 7 down the track

To the Editor:

Once again the courts are trying to overturn an initiative measure for which the people of Oregon voted.

This time it is Measure 7, the property rights measure that requires compensation to landowners for regulatory takings regulations that restrict the use of land and reduce its value.

Landowners have been waiting a long time for some relief from excessive and unfair land-use regulations. Its a real shame that they have to wait longer.

What is more unfair about the land-use regulations is that they have been imposed after someone purchases their property, generally without any mailed notices.

A 1998 measure required mailed notices of some proposed regulations.

Measure 7 has long been needed to plug loopholes that allow governments to impose regulatory restrictions without any compensation. Without Measure 7 landowners are almost left completely at the mercy of government regulators. This is just wrong.

Lets get Measure 7 under way.

Walter Streich


Hopes dashed for childrens return

To the Editor:

About a year ago a very dear friend of mine was arrested and her children were taken away from her by the states Services to Children and Families. She was told that if she started going to all the classes and everything that they wanted her to do that she would get her kids back by the end of June.

Well, needless to say, through all her efforts, her kids are still pawns of SCF and now the deadline is Oct. 30. The foster care providers that have the kids are not willing to work with her and she has been informed that her visitation days were taken away because she is a danger to her children, which is a lie.

The provider has informed her that they will make things very hard for my friend. These providers have never had kids live with them before. They have bought a new house and take trips out of town on a regular basis with what money? Perhaps with these kids SSI checks?

It makes a person stop and think. What kind of check does SCF do on these foster providers? Dont get me wrong, there are very good ones out there.

SCF never planned on giving these kids back from the beginning, so why did they give my friend the hope that she will get them back? I feel somebody should investigate not only these certain foster providers but also SCF, as they did with CHD.

Does SCF really want to help these people or do they just not care about anybody or anything but themselves? I dont think someone should take their kids away and give them the hope that they will get them back, and then not give them back.

Apparently SCF makes its own laws and rules here in La Grande.

What kind of system is this?

April Kratochvil

La Grande

Neighbors appreciate fire response

To the Editor:

We would like to express our appreciation to the La Grande, La Grande Rural and Union fire departments, La Grande and state police as well as the contractor that responded to the field and house fire at Gekeler Lane and 20th Street.

The fire departments did an incredible job in very difficult conditions. The dry weather, swift winds, tall weeds and various piles of debris in the field created a situation, which was stacked against the firefighters before the fire even started. The fire crews were persistent in their efforts to knock the fire down in spite of the strong winds.

While those of us across on Gekeler did not appear to be in danger, a shift in the direction of the wind had the potential to quickly change that situation. We appreciate the dedication and response of the firefighters, police, paramedics and support personnel. These men and women, both paid personnel and volunteers, give generously of their time and energy. Also a special thank you to the wife of the firefighter who helped us.

Bill Brott and Lexy Lieurance-Brott

La Grande