September 14, 2001 11:00 pm

By Ray Linker

Observer Staff Writer

Tuesdays terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C, drew more than a passing thought from one 7-year-old Elgin boy.

Jeff Howard, son of Chris and Christy Lauman of Looking Glass Road, drew some pictures depicting his impressions of the events.

The second-grader at Elgins Stella Mayfield School drew the pictures, then asked his mother if they could design a Web site and put them on.

It was his idea to do it and after we designed the site, he looked at it and said, Send it out, Mom, she said.

The site includes four of Jeffs drawings, intermingled with photos of the devastation. A New York City skyline at night, with the twin World Trade Center Towers in the background, is in the background on the pages. An unfurled American flag is shown blowing in the breeze.

We are having people all over the country go to the site, and some are leaving messages, Christy Lauman said.

As of Friday afternoon, more than 300 people had called up the site.

The Web site address is: http://home.talkcity.com/CupidsCt/fishguy29/Sept11memorial.html

Pay attention to the capital letters when typing in the address, Christy Lauman said.

Were getting comments from all over the country, she said. They thing its a very nice site.

Not all who viewed the site left messages, but people from Portland to Houston, St. Louis, Philadelphia and even Canada responded.

Christy Rackley of Roseburg left this message: I hadn't cried at all, until I was sent this Web page. I was very touched by these pictures from an innocent 7-year-old boy. My heart aches deeply that it has touched you the way it has, Jeff. God be with you!

Other messages were much simpler, such as Good pictures, Jeff.

Another said, A nice site, and we're glad to see your pictures, Jeff. Thank you.

The one message left from Canada was from Brampton, Ontario, and read: Our thoughts and prayers are with the survivors today.

A Houston viewer wrote: Jeff, you are a very special young man! Your pictures have touched me. God will take care of America. Bless you!.

A message from Rhode Island said: Jeff...... Thank you so much for sharing your drawings with all of us! We know that all the children of the World want PEACE. As grownups we will try to do more to keep the USA a safe place for all children! God Bless You and your family.

Jeffs father is assistant manager of the Lookingglass Fish Hatchery operated by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.