Hard Facts: It's a cruel world after all

September 26, 2007 11:00 pm

That tune loops through my head every Sunday — and the next six days leading up to another embarrassment.

Thank goodness the NFL has a bye week, so I'll be able to clear the voices for one week this season.

As a sports fan there are only three teams I truly live and die with — actually two teams and one school: the San Diego Padres, San Diego Chargers and any team from the University of Washington.

As a lifelong Huskies fan, it only makes sense that another Pac-10 team would find a way to make me sick.

The latest stomach churning and nausea comes from Eugene.

Yes, the Ducks are responsible for making Sunday football a revolving door to the bathroom.

However, what makes it great is how devious the plan was. Not only did the sinister plan begin in the 1970s, but it didn't come to fruition until this season.

As a lifelong Chargers fan, I started growing accustomed to "Marty Ball".

I can live with 14-2 — their mark last season.

Sure, the loss to the Patriots in the playoffs still stings, but it's a new season — at least that's what I thought.

With the Chargers staff filing out to new positions — Cam Cameron to Miami, Wade Phillips to Dallas and Marty Schottemhiemer to his couch —nervousness hit.

How do you fire a guy after a 14-2 season?

General managers may be the richest dumb people in the world.

Working with a Lions fan, I have a drop in the bucket

feeling of what Matt Millan has done to my co-worker.

One season is bad enough, but a high ledge may look nice after six years and the 24-72 record amassed by Detroit.

Come on Millan, draft another wide reciever.

But judging by Chargers general manager A.J. Smith, it's possible it could get that bad in San Diego.

For some reason general manager Smith thought a former Duck was the answer.

Being an alum from Oregon would have been enough to shred his resume before it hit my desk, but Smith even looked past the fact that the only thing Norv Turner does as a head coach is lose.

Why hire someone with a 58-82-1 record?

I won't knock the man as a offensive coordinator, but please explain how winning 41 percent of your games is a good thing.

Turner has turned LaDainian Tomlinson —arguable the best running back in football — into one of the worst running backs in the league — 33rd to be exact. Yes, LaMont Jordan — he plays for the Raiders — has 220 more yards than the reigning NFL MVP.

Tomlinson eclipsed his three-game total this season in the opener against Oakland in 2006 — 31 attempts for 131 yards.

Jordan had 434 total rushing yards, in nine games, last season.

Hopefully Turner will be shown the door and flee 20 miles to Tijuana mid-way through the season.

But more importantly, the Huskies need to exact revenge for me.

I'll be the biggest Duck's fan for the next two weeks.

I hope Oregon dominates No. 6 Cal this week, and follow with a win against Washington State.

Come to Seattle with a 6-0 record and top-10 ranking. Then the Huskies can ruin Oregon's season the way they have ruined mine.

No matter what, you have to love the tangled web of the Pac-10.


Paul Harder is sports writer for The Observer. Reach him by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it