October 19, 2001 11:00 pm

By T.L. Petersen

Observer Staff Writer

The Observer asked several people Friday afternoon two questions:

(1) How concerned are you about bioterrorism attacks, specifically anthrax?

(2) Are you changing how you go about your daily business because of that concern?

James S. Stoop, Island City

Im not really concerned. I live in Island City. I was born and raised here in 1913.

Has any part of his daily life changed?


Bob Koczan, Umatilla

Im concerned, but its a lower priority. In the bigger cities, the priority would be higher.

Were stockpiling a little more food, water, necessities. But thats good planning. Im confident in our country.

Shirley Koczan, Umatilla

I have some concern, but its not high.

She said the concern has altered her daily habits somewhat, and she thinks about mail and other situations definitely more than she used to.

Both the Koczans noted that they live surrounded by the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the McNary Dam on the Columbia River and the Umatilla Chemical Depot, and a nervous person might find plenty to worry about just living there.

Vivien Fan, Eastern Oregon University student from Taiwan

Its a terrible thing. Its not a human thing, but its being done to humans. But Im not concerned. I feel safe here, and I think its safe at home.

My family has called me, and they worry about the mail.

For herself, she just thinks little things have changed in her daily habits.

Casey Geske, EOU student, Portland

Im not concerned, cause where were at, it doesnt affect us. He said hed worry more if he were in a big city, or if he were in one of the locations identified with the known anthrax spores.

Unless I got mail with no return address, something else suspicious, I wouldnt be suspicious.