October 26, 2001 11:00 pm

By The Observer

The bills are in the mail.

Tax bills, that is, and most Union County residents should receive their statements within the next few days.

Assessor Patty Gooderham said there has been little change over the past year. Overall, tax revenues will increase by about 3 percent. New construction can improve revenues, but Gooderham said that decreases in existing property values have offset any increases in new construction values.

The southern part of Union County and a portion of commercial property were reappraised during the year, she said.

People who pay their property taxes by Nov. 15 will receive a 3 percent discount. Taxes may also be paid quarterly or semi-annually.

The assessors office will be open Friday and Nov. 9 for the convenience of taxpayers. Payments may also be dropped in a box outside the office or mailed.