November 06, 2001 11:00 pm

Imagine sitting alongside a road with your head buried in your hands, weeping uncontrollably after witnessing an attack on a bus. Terrorism had left two dead, including a 16-year-old girl. Events like this are occurring far too often in Israel, where attacks have become an almost daily occurrence.

THIS is what terror is all about. Getting up each day and going about your life, not knowing if youll come home at night. You might head to a movie theater or a night spot to go dancing and enjoy the company of friends, realizing that at any moment a bomb could explode and kill or maim you.

The same can be said of life within Palestine or the Arab areas of the West Bank. At any moment Israeli gunships or tanks may come crashing through the silence and wreak havoc on your life. Terror knows no boundaries.

People in Ireland, England, Spain, Turkey, Japan, India and numerous other countries around the world have lived for decades under the threat of terrorist attacks. They have seen hundreds if not thousands of friends, relatives or neighbors gunned down, kidnapped or blown up. Those responsible are willing to continue to push terror on their enemies. Those caught in the onslaught wish it would just go away, but they know that just wont happen.

This kind of terror is new to most Americans. Weve been sheltered from the day-to-day terror that so much of the world has experienced.

Or have we? America has had one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. It wasnt long ago that our national debate was centered on the idea of too-easy access to guns. Over the past decade, many schools were under attack by students who brought their guns on campus in an effort to gain attention. Too many of our young people have needlessly died. Before this, gangs had been a violent problem in many of Americas urban environments. Gang members brought their own brand of terror, intimidating people with wanton violence.

Even though the kind of destruction that occurred on Sept. 11 was of a proportion unlike all others, people in many parts of our country have lived in the face of terror for a long time. The same steely resolve that has carried them through many crises will have to carry us through this one as well. Even the weeping person alongside the roadway eventually must wipe away his tears and be willing to board another bus. Otherwise terror wins out.


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