November 19, 2001 11:00 pm

By The Observer

A new record was set at this years La Grande Scouting for Food drive.

Almost 17,000 pounds of food was collected during the Nov. 10 food drive. The total broke the old record, set last year, by about 1,500 pounds.

The drive was conducted by local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Businesses that made major contributions to the drive included the Pepsi-Cola Seven-Up Bottling Company of Eastern Oregon. Pepsi donated 3,600 pounds of products, 80 percent of which was fruit juice. The company also provided a semi at no charge for the food drive. Donated food was deposited in the truck by people attending the Veterans Day parade.

Shopn Kart, another major contributor, provided 10,000 bags which were distributed by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to homes throughout La Grande. Food was deposited in the bags and they were picked up and taken to the La Grande Salvation Armys food bank.

Shopn Kart also contributed to the food drive by donating 10 cases of food.

Others who donated at least 10 cases of food included Jerry Brookshires American Family Insurance office, WC Construction, the Sunrise Rotary Club, the La Grande Rotary Club, John Richards and Eric Valentine.

The Salvation Army, 1114 Y Ave., depends on the drive to provide it with its annual base.

Donations are still being accepted by the Salvation Army.

The need is still there, said Brookshire, a Boy Scout volunteer and food drive chairman.

Brookshire encourages everyone in the community to pick up an extra can or two of food a week and donate it to the food bank.

It is amazing how quickly something little like this would add up, the former Boy Scout district executive said.