November 22, 2001 11:00 pm

By The Observer

ENTERPRISE Joseph Timber Company could start profiting from the environmentally friendly green market as part of the Oregon Solutions partnership.

With Wallowa Resources help, Joseph Timbers products are part of an environmentally healthy home-building project in Bend.

The breakthrough for Joseph Timber is selling framing material to this new market with a higher price, said Diane Synder of Wallowa Resources.

The project is directly connected to community development and forest restoration efforts in Wallowa County, Snyder said.

Watercourse Homes, a Bend-based homebuilder, is nearing completion on its first house that will serve as a model for eight to 12 healthy homes to be developed for the Central Oregon


The home includes a number of environmentally friendly features including energy-efficient design and extensive use of recycled materials.

The green market is enormous, said Tim Taylor of Built-E, a Washington building products supplier that was instrumental in linking Watercourse with Joseph Timber.

Built-E, working through a partnership with Lumbermans Building Center in Bend, arranged for delivery of products from the Healthy Forests, Healthy Futures Community Partnership.

Built-E, Joseph Timber and Wallowa Resources are members of the community partnership. It is a project of Portland-based nonprofit Sustainable Northwest. The partnership is a collaborative network of wood products businesses and nonprofits dedicated to stimulating opportunities for forest restoration and producing and marketing the byproducts.

(The community partnership) provides a brand name that allows consumers to know that their purchases contribute to forest restoration and community development

in the rural Northwest, said Ryan Temple, marketing manager.

Wallowa Resources, a community development organization based in Enterprise, and Joseph Timber agreed that the mill could be a model for the philosophy that good forestry and good community relations is good for business.

Wallowa Resources and Joseph Timber formed a partnership last spring.

Wallowa Resources, recognizing the importance of the mill and its associated jobs to the community, made an infusion of capital into the mill. This allowed Joseph Timber to purchase additional equipment to manufacture a greater variety of products from small-diameter trees removed in forest restoration projects.

This first Oregon Solutions project in Bend is to be announced Tuesday by Gov. John Kitzhaber. Oregon Solutions are collaborative efforts by businesses, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations to support local economic development, environmental protection and community well-being.