December 07, 2001 11:00 pm
BREAKING FREE: La Grandes Adam Kleck broke free from Elgins Vance Horns grip (back) and pinned Horn in the second round Friday at the Oregon Trail/Brian Muilenburg Invitational. (The Observer/C.J. GISH).
BREAKING FREE: La Grandes Adam Kleck broke free from Elgins Vance Horns grip (back) and pinned Horn in the second round Friday at the Oregon Trail/Brian Muilenburg Invitational. (The Observer/C.J. GISH).

By The Observer

Something will be missing Saturday from the Oregon Trail/Brian Muilenburg Wrestling Invitational.

For the first time since the tournament started in 1978, a La Grande wrestler wont be involved in a championship bout.

The Tigers top grapplers seniors Adam Kleck and Austin Zander and junior Levi Hug were upset early.

Im a little disappointed for a couple of the guys, La Grande coach Miles Hancock said. In all three cases, it came down to not executing and flat getting out-wrestled.

Pendletons Justin Carter beat Hug 14-3 in the third round, Capitals Matt Racine pinned Zander in one minute, 28 seconds in the second round, and Kleck was pinned by Bakers Doug Hills in the second round in 3:20.

Overall, our guys are putting out good effort, Hancock said. With a lot of youth, you cant expect these guys to win some of the tighter matches.

We have everybody still in the tournament. I hope we plug away and get guys in for a placing.

Pendleton leads the way at the 16-team tournament with 116 points. Greshams Barlow High School is runner-up at 107.

La Grande is in 12th place with 34 points, Enterprise is 13th at 32, Elgin is 14th at 19, Wallowa is 15th with eight and North Powders six points puts it at 16th.

Area wrestlers still alive for a tournament title include Enterprises Jake McCleary (112 pounds) and Joe Osborn (152), and Elgins Brian Sanders (135) and Blake Eckstein (215).

Oregon Trail/Brian Muilenburg Invitational

Friday at La Grande High School

Team scores Pendleton 116, Barlow 107, Meridian 84, Burns 81, Baker 79, Capital 52, Lewiston 51, Warrenton 43, Weiser 41, Pine-Eagle 41, Grant Union 35, La Grande 34, Enterprise 32, Elgin 19, Wallowa 8, North Powder 6.


Championship semifinals Dustin Packard, Mer., vs. Bryton Hills, PE, and Josh Wright, Mer., vs. Buck Rayborn, Cap.

Consolation (local) Andrew Gorbett, Ent.; Jamil Shahim, Wal.; Justin Moncrief, Ent.; Thomas Witherspoon, Elg.


Championship semifinals Jake McCleary, Ent., vs. Jerry Cobb, Wei., and Evan Hefflinger, Mer., vs. Johnny Staab, Lew.

Consolation (local) Loren Andrews, LG.


Championship semifinals Talon Vickers, Wei., vs. Joe Smothermon, Mer., and Gary Smith, War., vs. Matt Racine, Cap.

Consolation (local) Austin Zander, LG; Chad Sams, Ent.


Championship semifinals Jake Leino, Pen., vs. Jeff Taylor, Bar., and Justin Carter, Pen., vs. Ben Cate, Bur.

Consolation (local) Austin Himes, Ent.; Levi Hug, LG.


Championship semifinals Ben Forsman, Lew., vs. Tanner Hofman, Bur., and Bruce Allphin, Bar., vs. Richard Cearns, GU.


Championship semifinals Kyle Waterland, Pen., vs. Joel Christenson, Bak., and Brian Sanders, Elg., vs. John Schaff, Bur.

Consolation (local) Drew Bell, Ent.


Championship semifinals Talon Hofman, Bur., vs. Matt Cleveland, Lew., and Caleb Johnson, Bak., vs. Tyler Arbogast, Pen.

Consolation (local) Shawn Hesscock, LG; Tony Shaw, LG; Collin Cunningham, Ent.; Ricky Foster, Elg.


Championship semifinals Rusty Arp, Bur., vs. Jesse Stokes, Bar., and Bobby Bond, Bak., vs. Chance Stevenson, Wei.

Consolation (local) Cody Burgess, Elg.; Josh Neske, NP.


Championship semifinals Barry Crawford, PE, vs. Joe Osborn, Ent., and Troy Mackey, Bur., vs. Daniel Pierce, Bar.

Consolation (local) Donald Love, Elg.; Dennis OReilly, LG; Travis Carson, LG.; Lee Helburg, NP.


Championship semifinals Rick Walters, War., vs. Abe Jacobs, Bur., and Dustin Standley, Mer., vs. Doug Hills, Bak.

Consolation (local) Vance Horn, Elg.; Adam Kleck, LG.; Zach Lenord, NP.


Championship semifinals Jonah Salvino, GU, vs. Kipp Curtis, Pen., and Ethan Bigelow, Bak., vs. Alex MacKenzie, Pen.

Consolation (local) Logan Joseph, LG; John Brown, Wal.; James Nash, Ent.; Chaney Parker, LG.; Kaycee Shroyer, NP.


Championship semifinals Jeff Pike, War., vs. John Kerens, Bak., and Grant Dunham, Pen., vs. Andy Patrick, Mer.

Consolation (local) Shane Langerman, Wal.; Jacob Simonis, LG; Jacob Cox, LG.


Championship semifinals Kyle Johnson, War., vs. Jed Peterson, Pen., and Josiah Briels, Bur., vs. Blake Eckstein, Elg.

Consolation (local) Justin Wilkes, Ent.; Jimmy Vanbelle, Ent.


Championship semifinals Randy Feigner, Bar., vs. Raul Huntsman, Bak., and Devin Russell, War., vs. Nat Huntsman, Bak.

Consolation (local) Dellen Kodep, LG; Harley Ahner, LG; David Larson, LG; Cam Visconty, LG.