December 16, 2001 11:00 pm
The Union/Wallowa County Circuit Courts have gone online. ().
The Union/Wallowa County Circuit Courts have gone online. ().

By The Observer

How do I find someone who knows about family court matters?

What trials are starting today? In which court room?

Can I get help in dealing with a traffic citation at the county courthouse?

Information some youre looking for and some you maybe didnt know youd like to have is now available online.

The courts Web site,, is on the Internet and updated daily by Mark Hubble, Union Countys technical support specialist.

Hubble sees the Web site as a dynamic tool that will be a valuable resource to the community and a way for everyone to access information without having to make a special trip to the court house in La Grande, or spend time on hold when trying to call an office.

And the same is true in Wallowa County.

Hubble is still working to get the daily calendar of court cases on the Wallowa site, but otherwise it, too, is up and operating at

The Web site opens and gives viewers a chance to go immediately, via a mouse click, to the days calendar of cases in the courtrooms.

Or viewers can find information on how to reach court officials by telephone, fax, e-mail and old-fashioned mail; find out where court offices are located; what services are available; what different types of court matters cost; and even some surprises, Hubble adds.

The site also offers links to other courts in neighboring counties and throughout the state. The links dont provide total access to every point right now, Hubble said, but will continue to be added.

Hubble relied on many in the circuit court system to help with information, including family court coordinator Teresa Koza. The information on the sites page about family court matters can help viewers learn about child support, parenting plans, mediation, family law attorneys and local resources for families involved in legal matters.

A feature of the Web site that Hubble believes will make helpful sense to many people is a visible flow chart of some court procedures.

Adobe Acrobat is needed to see the flow charts, but Hubble has provided a link to those who need to download it into their computer systems.

The computer access isnt designed to move anyone away from coming or calling the court, Hubble emphasizes, and virtually every page in the site includes a phone number to call or another way to contact a live person.

Call if you need to, of course, Hubble said.

Explore it, and if you have questions, e-mail me.