January 04, 2002 11:00 pm
NEAR THE FALL: Enterprise 189-pounder Jerod Osborn (top) puts his weight on Wallowas Shane Langerman during their quarterfinal match Friday at the Jo-Hi Cosgrove Invitational. Osborn pinned Langerman in the first round. (The Observer/PAT PERKINS).
NEAR THE FALL: Enterprise 189-pounder Jerod Osborn (top) puts his weight on Wallowas Shane Langerman during their quarterfinal match Friday at the Jo-Hi Cosgrove Invitational. Osborn pinned Langerman in the first round. (The Observer/PAT PERKINS).

By Pat Perkins

Observer Staff Writer

Joseph Chances are an Osborn brother will win a title at the Jo-Hi Cosgrove Wrestling Invitational for the fifth straight year.

Whether its Joe, Enterprises only senior, or his little brother Jerod, a sophomore, or both, remains to be seen. Both wrestlers advanced to todays semifinals after Fridays action.

My little brother, I expect to see good things from him, said Joe, who won the 152-point title a year ago and is the favorite to win again this year.

Jerod Osborn, a 189-pounder, has a tough semifinal against Elgins Blake Eckstein, who was a runner-up at last months Muilenburg Tournament in La Grande.

Their older brother, Jake, won three Jo-Hi titles from 1998-2000.

Joe easily won both his matches Friday, pinning Josephs Christian Ambroson in the second round of his first match and getting a 21-4 technical fall over Pine Eagles Wyeth Crawford in the quarterfinal.

Coach wanted me to pin him, but I wanted to 15-point him, Osborn said. I was going for the pin but just couldnt get it done.

Jerod pinned Wallowas Shane Langerman in the first round of his quarterfinal match at 189.

Someone who desparately wants a Jo-Hi title is Elgins Brian Sanders, who has been a runner-up three years in a row. The senior got a good start this year with a second-round pin over Cranes Ed Sparks in the quarterfinal.

Its my last year; either I do it or I go home sad, Sanders said.

Other wrestlers in line to repeat their Jo-Hi titles are Enterprises Jake McCleary at 112, Culvers Junior Baltazar at 119, Potlatch, Idahos Jacob Scoles at 130, Alseas Rick Gammon at 140, Pine Eagles Barry Crawford at 145, Culvers Mark Coy at 171 and Alseas Josh Stanwood at 275.

Scoles and Crawford would be three-time winners; they won titles in 2000.

Culver leads the team race with 138 points, with Enterprise in second at 112 and Pine Eagle and Nestucca a close third at 111 each.

Jo-Hi Cosgrove Invitational

Friday, at Joseph High School

Team scores Culver 138, Enterprise 112.5, Pine Eagle 111, Nestucca 111, Imbler 68, Crane 66, Elgin 61.5, Alsea 53.5, Joseph 52, Stanfield 44, Potlatch (Idaho) 33, Wallowa 18, Powder Valley 14.

First round

125 Chris Borgerding, Jo, pinned Kris Williams, Nes, 5:12; Daniel Brabham, Cul, pinned Wes OConnor, Cr, 1:21; Lance Strickland, Jo, pinned Tyler Miller, PE, 3:23; Hultiminio Ramos, St, pinned Chris Chavez, Nes, 1:15.

130 Eric McGreal, Po, pinned Drew Bell, Ent, 3:03.

135 Ed Sparks, Cr, dec. Teran Taylor, Wal, 14-7; John Bartell, Imb, pinned Aaron White, Jo, 2:45.

140 Rick Gammon, Al, pinned Damon Boisa, Nes, 1:53; Chris Garrett, Jo, pinned Steven McElroy, St, 0:30; Brandon Griffith, PE, pinned Luis Hard, Cul, 0:48.

145 David Hopkes, Nes, pinned Mike Gamboa, Jo, 0:30.

152 Joe Osborn, Ent, pinned Christian Ambroson, Jo, 2:38; Daniel Johnson, Im, pinned Richie Meyer, Jo, 1:13; Don Love, El, tech. fall Cody Chavez, Nes, 17-1.

160 Jason Harding, Jo, pinned Sean Lynch, PE, 2:45; James OBrien, Al, pinned Cooper Wilhelm, El, 1:04; Zach Myers, Im, pinned Curt Chilcole, Al, 2:52; Vance Horn, El, pinned Tim Robinson, Wal, 2:29.

171 Chad McDonald, El, pinned Ben McAllister, Al, 1:54; Anthony Alley, Cul, pinned Cal Ruggle, PE, 1:53; Kyle Suchanen, Nes, pinned Jeff Apple, PE, 0:21.

189 Lance Roberts, Cul, pinned Jay Butts, Im, 1:35.


103 Bryton Hills, PE, pinned James Moyses, Cul, 1:54; Steven Murdock, Cr, pinned Andrew Gorbett, Ent, 0:37; Scott France, Al, pinned Kyle Dunbar, Cr, 0:34; Kris Stricker, Nes, pinned Justin Moncrief, Ent, 0:36.

112 Jake McCleary, Ent, bye; Adam Kinley, Cul, pinned Craig Yekel, Cr, 1:03; Thomas Witherspoon, Elg, bye; Kyle Deerkop, Po, pinned Ivan Aguilar, Nes, 0:58.

119 Junior Baltazar, Cul, bye; Seth Mendel, Imb, pinned Chad Sams, Ent, 1:13; Brandon Boyce, Nes, bye; Ryan Curtis, Cr, pinned Jorge Madrigal, St, 0:34.

125 Austin Himes, Ent, pinned Borgerding, 1:11; Scott Nearing, Im, pinned Brabham, 1:08; Travis Kinley, Cul, maj. dec. Strickland, 15-6; Pat Lynn, Jo, pinned Ramos, 1:12.

130 Jacob Scoles, Po, pinned McGreal, 5:11; Barrett Hills, PE, pinned Borgerding, 0:38; Brian Stills, Cul, pinned Ryan Barstad, Jo, 3:11; Chad Love, Nes, Dylan Lewis, Jo, 1:39.

135 Brian Sanders, El, pinned Sparks, 3:37; Danny Loredo, Cul, pinned Jamie Halligan, Al, 3:11; Riley Harriman, PE, pinned Matt Kohl, Cr, 0:34; Evan Voss, Po, pinned Bartell, 5:52.

140 Gammon tech. fall Collin Cunningham, Ent, 19-3; Josh Dunbar, Cr, pinned Garrett, 3:36; Bobby Haltiner, Nes, bye; John Urbach, Cul, pinned Griffith, 3:22.

145 Barry Crawford, PE, pinned Jeremy Dalton, Jo, 2:50; Ross Miller, Cul, pinned Josh Neske, PV, 3:21; Codi Burgess, El, pinned Eric Guilliland, Ent, 1:03; Hopkes pinned Caleb Slavens, Nes, 4:58.

152 Osborn tech. fall Wyeth Crawford, PE, 21-4; Zac Peer, PE, pinned Shawn Pratt, St, 1:22; Johnson pinned Kurt Sorenson, Nes, 4:34; Bryce Miller, Cul, pinned Love, 1:41.

160 Dale Sorenson, Nes, pinned Harding, 0:49; OBrien pinned Brandon Frei, Wal, 3:07; Myers pinned Zach Leonard, PV, 0:22; Judd Wright, PE, pinned Horn, 0:15.

171 Mark Coy, Cul, pinned McDonald, 0:40; Zach Emerson, Nes, pinned John Brown, Wal, 3:48; Alley pinned James Nash, Ent, 1:32; Eric Johnson, Im, pinned Suchanen, 4:31.

189 Blake Eckstein, El, pinned Jeff Smith, Im, 1:09; Jerod Osborn, Ent, pinned Shane Langerman, Wal, 1:36; Tony Swirtz, Nes, pinned Jeff Chamberlin, 1:15; L.Roberts pinned Chris Roberts, Cul, 5:59.

215 Joel Lewis, Jo, bye; Troy Crafton, St, pinned Efrain Solo, Cr, 0:42; Ross McWilliams, Cul, pinned Nik Melchior, PE, 0:54; Jimmy VanBelle, Ent, bye.

275 Josh Stanwood, Al, bye; Justin Wilks, Ent, bye; Zack Henson, Cul, bye; Levi Chamberlin, PE, bye.