February 07, 2002 11:00 pm

By Alice Perry Linker

Observer Staff Writer

After two years under construction, Union Countys Web site is up and running but not quite finished.

The address is

Calling it a work in progress, Webmaster Kathie Powell told the county commissioners Wednesday that some pages are still being put together and she expects frequent changes and updates.

Powell said the site will include a feature to prevent the more than 100 pages from getting stale. Information that is 30 days old will be deleted from the page.

Some, including the tax assessors page, are incomplete, but information about properties and their assessed taxes will be online in about a month.

The results of the May primary election will also be posted, Powell said, as will agendas for the county commission meetings, the circuit court docket and other public meetings.

A quick examination of the Web site showed basic facts and mission statements from most county departments, including the district attorneys office, but missing some details.

Powell is building a photo album page for community members to share.

Were asking people to submit pictures of scenery or events and bring them in with written descriptions, she said. Were going to change those regularly.

The countys home page features a photograph taken by Darlene Miller, a receptionist- secretary in the county commissioners office.

A question-and-answer page will feature the most frequently asked questions about various issues. The first such page has been written by the district attorneys office.

Powell said building the Web site has been a long process but a fun project.

More than two years ago, the county contracted with a Boise company to build the site, but the company went out of business and was reorganized into individual consultants, said county administrative officer Marlene Perkins.

Kathie had to do a lot of the work herself, Perkins said.

The cost of building the county Web site has been about $7,000, not including staff time, Powell said.

I understand the standard is about $500 per page, but we havent paid that much, she said. We put in a lot of staff time.

Union County has become part of a long list of Union Counties with Web sites. A Web browse showed 10 Union Counties in states from Florida to South Dakota with existing sites.