February 18, 2002 11:00 pm

ISLAND CITY Practical education in how watersheds work is available to anyone who is interested.

The Watershed Stewardship Education Program offers eight basic-training sessions for teachers, planners, watershed council members, farm and woodland owners, nursery growers and urban residents.

Experts from Oregon State University and the community will examine the principles and examples of a variety of land-use types with training sessions that include:

Stream processes.

Salmonid biology.

Soils, erosion and conservation.

Riparian area functions and management.

Stream assessment and restoration.

Wetland evaluation and enhancement.

Working together to create successful groups.

Water quality monitoring.

The training, which will consist of two indoor sessions and one field session per month, will begin March 15 with an indoor session from 12:30 to 3 p.m. at the Extension office, 10507 N. McAlister Road.

The May 10 session will also be there and the sessions on April 19 and June 14 will be at the Baker County Extension Office, 2610 Grove St. , Baker City.

The full program, for $52, along with a completed project, will make participants master watershed stewards. Individual sessions will cost $13 for two indoor sessions and a seven-hour field day. The workbook costs $10 except for master watershed stewards. Lunch, refreshments and transportation is included on field days.

For information call the Extension office at 963-1010 by March 8. The program is accredited with the Certified Crop Advisers Program and Associated Oregon Loggers.