Bus station searches for new site

March 03, 2002 11:00 pm

Contrary to rumors, were not leaving town, but we are looking for another location, said Donna Wilson, who helps her husband Art run the Greyhound bus franchise in La Grande.

Weve been looking since November for a new location, but havent found one yet, Donna Wilson said.

But were not going to leave town. I know there have been rumors, but they arent true.

Art Wilson is the local Greyhound agent, operating out of of a small office in a building at 2108 Cove Ave. The building is owned by Stewart Martin, who operates Taxman, a tax preparation business, out of the same building.

Donna Wilson said the landlord had at first given them a deadline to move, but that was unrealistic and he backed off a little.

She said the main problem was finding a place that could accommodate the buses that stop there daily.

You can find an office anywhere, but its been hard to find a place where the buses can stop, Wilson said.

She said they had found one place they thought would work out but then it didnt because the neighbors were against it.

The Wilsons have been working with the city to try to find a place, she said.

Were looking at one place and I hope it will pan out. Another place seems to be tied up in red tape, she said. People dont realize how much is involved in moving a business like this.

Six buses a day stop at the present location, three westbound and three eastbound. Its slow this time of year, she said, but things will pick up with spring break coming. Eight buses stop during the summer months, she said.

We serve a lot of people during holiday times and serve a lot of senior citizens and college students. Its busy in the winter, especially at Christmastime and if the weather is bad.

I hope something happens soon (with the move), she said.

Ray Linker