March 05, 2002 11:00 pm

If youve got marbles, lets play

To the Editor:

I am responding to the lunatic killer issue. I agree with David Carrillo (Feb. 4 letter) this person or people didnt show the slightest bit of respect for life or property.

David Pickett in his Feb. 9 letter has a different view. He believes all hunters are sadistic killers who need psychiatric help. Most hunters were taught to respect game animals and the mountains we hunt in. We pack out what we take in and we were taught not to kill just for the thrill of it. Every state uses hunting as a game management tool. In case you havent noticed this is the hunting Mecca of Oregon.

As to Picketts comment about Dahmer eating his victims news flash: hunters arent murderers. Its not a crime to hunt like it is to kill people. You are a hypocrite. If you eat meat, vegetables or fruit, they all have to die before you can eat them. Some are picked, some are killed. Its called the food chain.

Where are you from anyway? It doesnt sound like you belong here. Perhaps you should move over with the flatlanders so you will have someone else who thinks like you. This is a small valley, but fortunately our paths havent crossed and never will. I guess Im one of your subculture, which youre about to find out is larger than you think.

If youve got the marbles, lets play. Since your phone number is unpublished, Ill give out my e-mail address and I challenge you to do the same. Put up or shut up. I want people with either view to respond. Well play this game for a month and at the end of the month well see who wins and who loses. Loser moves out.

Ready to play? grizzlywoods@eoni. com

Greg Stanton


Dentist wants back into profession

To the Editor:

I would like everyone to know what a wonderful dentist I work for. You will not find another dentist who truly cares about his patients and his staff as much as Jeffrey Baxter does, who formerly practiced in La Grande.

For a story to say he lost his license because of drug addiction and to make it sound as though he has been using drugs all along is totally misleading. He has also never used another prescription number to obtain prescriptions for himself.

In 1998 he had some dental work done. The dentist who did his treatment prescribed the medication for him. Dr. Baxter has had regular drug tests ever since and this was the only time he failed. In the last three years the board of dentistry has made him take random drug tests five times a month and he has not failed.

As for the charting issue, was it mentioned that an employee that we let go wrote to the board of dentistry trying to get back at him? All of the allegations she wrote about were dismissed. The board then decided it would go over the charts with a fine-toothed comb. How many offices out there have perfect record-keeping? We probably come pretty darn close now. Every time the board has asked him to do something he has done it and for them to say he has never changed is totally untrue.

Baxter has also performed many hours of community service, setting up a clinic in Medford so people who could not afford dental care could receive it for free or on a sliding scale. I am very glad that he has a strong belief in his religion and believes in himself and is very proud of his recovery. He is not going to give up. He will pursue every avenue to return to a profession that he truly loves.

Gloria Mann

Myrtle Creek

Not attacking hunter

To the Editor:

In response to David Picketts letter in The Observer of Feb. 9, Killing for pleasure.

He must have misunderstood exactly what I was saying in my Feb. 4 letter. I was not attacking the sport hunter. Hunting wild game is an American tradition. I, too, am a hunter; however I do not believe killing a domesticated animal can be called sport, especially if it is in the city limits. I do not think anyone in their right mind can justify killing someones pet as sports hunting, unless they are a few cards short of a full deck.

When a hunter needs to improve his marksmanship he or she can do that by hunting rabbits or ground squirrels. The incident involving the cat I was talking about happened in the city limits in the front yard of somebodys home. Yes, I do think it was a cowardly act, and he must be some kind of a lunatic. It was a violent act against one of our citizens.

Hunting for sport is entirely different. In my mind there is nothing better than a fresh cut steak of deer or elk. So to clear up what I wrote in my last letter, no I am not against the hunter. Hunting is an American tradition that many of us enjoy every day or in different seasons.

However, do you have pets? What would your reaction be if someone drove into your yard and killed one of them just for fun? If you do not and have never had a pet, then you might not understand how it would feel to have your pet killed.

Thats too bad.

David Carrillo

La Grande

Get us out of U.N.

To the Editor:

Now that our sons are fighting in our war against terrorism, we must recognize a very real threat to them to all Americans, a threat so serious that U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms has presented to Congress the American Service Members Protection Act as an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act.

It is an effort to protect our fighting men from the United Nations International Criminal Court, which will be empowered when only 22 more nations have ratified the Rome Treaty.

Instead of helping the United States pursue real war criminals and terrorists, the ICC has the power to intimidate our military personnel with bogus political prosecutions. The U.N.s track record shows this to be inevitable.

For example, the U.N. conference on racism in South Africa became an agenda of hate rather than against hate, as also demonstrated by numerous violent peace-keeping fiascos it instigated. With the U.N.s record in mind, its not difficult to anticipate the ICC will not merely prosecute but will persecute our military for war crimes as they risk their lives fighting terrorism.

Sen. Helms should be commended for his effort to protect us from the U.N.s ICC, but further and more positive steps are needed to combat the U.N.s treacherous attempt to usurp American sovereignty. Complete secession from the U.N. can be accomplished by supporting Rep. Ron Pauls bill to withdraw and sever all relations with the U.N., and supporting House Speaker Dennis Hasterts vote in the Special Joint Resolution of Congress, which will declare our independence from the United Nations.

Let us now demonstrate our support for a free America with a grassroots movement to get the United States out of the UN. How? Call me. Im in the phone book.

Jim Bovard


Lead poisoning poses threat to elk

To the Editor:

I have recently heard a man bragging of how he was keeping elk, or the proper North American term is wapiti, off of his crops by running them down in a 4x4 truck and shooting them with a .22-caliber. This is very upsetting to me because lead poisoning is common when the bullet does not exit the elk.

The symptoms of lead poisoning are highly variable. The infected animal may become moody and irritable. The red blood cells acquire a characteristic called stippling, which gradually changes the color of the blood from lead deposits in the blood stream, which can be seen under a microscope.

An outstanding symptom is lead colic, which consists of severe, excruciating abdominal cramps, resulting from spasms of the bowel muscles. In advanced cases lead palsy may appear, usually involving weakness of the forearm muscles, causing wristdrop. In the young elk, the brain is frequently involved, causing headache, vomiting, irritability, convulsions, and coma. This is called lead encephalopathy and is often fatal.

I have contacted the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and they seem to have no authority in this manner, but they did not need to express their attitude to me at the time. I think that the person or people involved in this should stop shooting defenseless elk before they get offensive and start attacking us because of their irritation from the lead poisoning.

You could at least use buck shot rounds or maybe invest in a fence that will keep them out. After all, if you are driving a truck through your own field, destroying your own crops, then the elk have not made that much damage. Your truck is doing it all.

Elk have a lot more to offer us than we think, and they take little in return. So please help me save this beautiful animal from hurting itself and possibly us. I cant do this alone.

Carla Bates


Creating deficits not responsible

To the Editor:

I find it interesting that some of our leaders in both the United States and state government argue that some of the other leaders just want to tax and spend, while they do not want to tax, but just want to spend.

They want to borrow money, pay interest and hope that some day things will be better and they can lower taxes again and keep spending money.

Running up deficits and borrowing money to balance the budget is not very fiscally responsible. In every business I have had and in my personal finances, when the income goes down the spending has to follow or I have to do something to increase my income. I think it is fiscally irresponsible to borrow money and do deficit spending when times are hard.

But some of our leaders just want to reduce taxes and keep on spending, run up bigger and bigger deficits, and borrow money from other funds to balance the budget. I think it is past time that this group shut up about those they accuse, in a derogatory way, of tax and spend.

At least if you tax and spend you do not run up deficits and rob other funds. Besides, people who can afford to spend and are making money can afford a little more tax to balance the budget.

It is, in my opinion, much better to tax and then spend, than it is to reduce taxes, borrow money, rob other funds and increase deficits. To do the latter is irresponsible, if not down right stupid.

Lewis Currie

La Grande

Replace city council members

To the Editor:

There are many positions on the La Grande City Council open for election this year. (The filing deadline is March 5.)

I am very hopeful that we get new candidates with roots in Union County to replace those in office.

We have what is called a weak form of city government, which means the city council members can work full-time at other jobs and part-time at city government. This allows the city employees that have not been elected by the people to have greater power and control in running the city as the city council members are delegating the responsibilities they were elected to do.

My business and I have been harmed and continue to be harmed by the members of the city council, as they did not abide by or enforce the land-use codes and laws as written. Their actions resulted in many of the citys laws being violated and my rights being harmed.

We need strong local government that will spend less time playing politics and more time seeing that their responsibilities are being met. Merely delegating to non-elected city employees that have no repercussions for their actions does not relieve the council of the responsibility to uphold what is the good for the city and treat all citizens equally.

Over the years we have had many buildings burn down or torn down that have not been replaced with comparable structures because it does not make economic sense to do so. The town needs to get back to the way it was. Our downtown has become a blighted area. When businesses are being harmed by the inappropriate actions of the city council, these actions add to the blight of the city.

Lanny Robson, owner

Quail Run Motor Inn

La Grande

Pack it out, sportsmen

To the Editor:

I have previously responded to David Picketts letter when he had attacked hunters. I had let it be known of my strong disagreement to Mr. Picketts views.

However, he brought up one point in his Feb. 9 letter that has not been previously addressed. He portrayed hunters as being offensive litterers. I have occasionally observed abandoned camps left by hunters that were littered with garbage.

Just last week I was fishing on the Wallowa River, and where I was standing were several beverage cans and endless yards of fishing line. I know that this is being done by a small minority of sportsmen, but it portrays us all as careless slobs.

As an ex-outfitter I have packed out many mule loads of garbage, and some of it was not from my camps. I do not believe that littering by sportsmen occurs on a large scale, but however small, can appear to be large.

Mr. Pickett, I have picked up lots of garbage I have found while roaming around in the woods. Most of us sportsmen care and are just as irate and disgusted when witnessing such ignorant behavior.

Now to the few perpetrators who show total disregard of the great outdoors; clean up your act or more people will take on the views as described by David Pickett.

I would also like to take the opportunity to address the Ransoms letter (Jan. 26).

I was so engrossed in defending my views and opinions that I showed total disrespect towards the dilemma and the loss of the Ransoms pet. My apologies and sympathies to them.

Jim Brown

La Grande

Wind could blow in feathers

To the Editor:

The winds in the valley do blow

Sometimes with dust,

Sometimes with snow.

But the winds that blow best,

Just might feather your nest

Making power to keep lamps all aglow.

Glen McKenzie