March 13, 2002 11:00 pm

Rates for Veterans Memorial Pool are on the way down.

The city council on Wednesday night approved the changes on the recommendation of Ron Perkins, assistant to the city manager, and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.

The three main aspects of the changes:

Reduce the single-admission fee for children (those from 4 to 18) from $3 to $2.

Reduce the single-admission fee for adults from $5 to $3.50.

Change the age limit for free admissions from pre-school (6) to 3.

Perkins told the city council that since the fees were established in 1998 with the re-opening of the remodeled and enclosed pool, a splash park was added. This primarily attracts pre-school children and their parents. The staff estimated that approximately 1,000 preschoolers are being admitted each year at no charge.

Charging admission for children between the ages of 3 and 6 will allow us to reduce the admission fee for both children and adults without a significant loss of revenue, Perkins reported to the council.

I dont know if it will bring in more revenue, but wed like to try it. Maybe we will get more people swimming, Perkins told the council.

He said the changes would bring La Grandes fee structure into line with the fees charge by similar pools in Eastern Oregon.

Single admissions for senior citizens will remain at $3.50. The 10-punch pass would be reduced for children from $35 to $20 and for adults from $50 to $35. La Grande residents get a 25 percent discount on passes.

Ray Linker