March 19, 2002 11:00 pm
Dallas Voss has traveled from California to Hawaii to compete in martial arts. (The Observer/RAENELLE KWOCK).
Dallas Voss has traveled from California to Hawaii to compete in martial arts. (The Observer/RAENELLE KWOCK).

By Raenelle Kwock

Observer Staff Writer

Brandon Boltz and Dallas Voss excel in the martial arts and are best friends.

Dallas and I both seem to do real well at tournaments, Boltz said. We usually bring home, you know, trophies. We fight a lot.

The La Grande residents are both good enough to be able to compete at the World Championships this summer in Las Vegas. Both are looking for sponsors to help them get there.

Boltzs father was a martial arts instructor who got him involved at a young age. Boltz has trained in many martial arts, but the one he likes is kajukenbo.

Kajukenbo incorporates aspects from karate, judo, ju jitsu, kenpo and Chinese boxing.

Its diversified, Boltz said. Its kind of a mixed martial art. We take the good out of all arts and adopt them to our style, so were constantly changing.

They are non-traditional in that they do not have one set of techniques; if something works they will adopt it, Boltz said.

Boltz met Voss at a dojo (school) where Voss got a black belt.

We click real well in the martial arts, Voss said. We do a lot of the same stuff. We train pretty hard together and not worry about if we accidentally make each other bleed or something.

Voss interest grew from watching martial arts movies. He thought it was cool and wanted to try it out.

The hardest aspect of martial arts is sticking with training and being disciplined.

I would say its definitely discipline, Boltz said. Some days you dont want to be here and dont want to train. You want to be out doing something. Thats the most difficult part of it.

Voss has a black belt in kajukenbo. Boltz has a brown one.

Both have traveled many miles to fight. Two weeks ago, Boltz won first-place trophies in forms, weapons, divisional fighting and fighting grand champion in an Idaho tournament. Voss has traveled as far as Huntington Beach, Calif., and Hawaii for competitions.

Tournament season started in February. Both will be competing in the Northwest All Martial Arts Challenge in La Grande at the end of the month.

All in all, Boltz and Voss enjoy what they do.

You get a lot of respect out of it, Boltz said. Its very rewarding to yourself.