April 04, 2001 11:00 pm

ELGIN The city has money to buy an industrial park.

The Union County commissioners voted Wednesday to grant Elgin $85,000, the full purchase price of an industrial park owned by the Union County Economic Development Corporation.

Dennis Spray, the countys general services director, joined Elgin City Administrator Joe Garlitz in asking the commissioners in La Grande to approve funding for the land purchase.

Weve put a lot of money in Union, Spray said. Weve contributed to a Cove study of the pool. Joes request fits right in. If Elgin owns the park, it will benefit the entire community.

Spray said the county had earlier agreed to try to help small communities develop industrial areas. A federal grant has paid for preliminary engineering studies of industrial areas.

One company, W.C. Construction, has already purchased land within the park. Garlitz said other companies are showing interest. Among them is The Village Smithy, owned by Jeff Smith of Summerville. Smith plans to build an aircraft parts manufacturing plant.

The countys funds come from lottery dollars earmarked for economic development.

It sounds like a big bite, but weve accumulated these funds, said Commissioner Steve McClure. This is a good buy.

Commissioner John Howard called the purchase a win-win situation.

What a way to build community pride, he said.