March 21, 2002 11:00 pm

Its spring. Never mind that sliver of snow still hanging on the surrounding ridgetops or in shady places around your home.

With spring comes several obligations for area residents:

Its time to get those studded tires off vehicles. April 1 is the deadline and thats a Monday this year, so time is growing short for finding a tire company where the lines will be short.

Saturday night, April 6, before going to bed, people should set their clocks ahead. Its Daylight Savings Time from now until fall. Youll have to get up in the dark for a while, but therell be more daylight when you get off work.

Its also time to check your smoke alarms, the fire department suggests. Older models should have a fresh battery installed. Newer, long-life models should be tested to be sure they are working.

ODOT has discretion

Keeping studded tires on after the deadline is a Class C traffic violation, which carries a maximum $150 fine.

The 1997 Legislature set the April 1 date for studded tire removal, moving it forward from April 30 of previous years to reduce road damage caused by studs. The lawmakers gave the Oregon Department of Transportation authority for delaying the removal date in the event of bad weather. The removal date was delayed twice in 1999.

An estimated $11 million is spent each year repairing damage to city streets, county roads and state highways caused by studded tires, according to ODOT.