March 28, 2002 11:00 pm

Weve had a turbidity problem this week, but there is no health problem, City Recorder Donna Lewis said Thursday.

Even with a deep well water supply, the city has often experienced the cloudiness or discoloration of water during high runoffs from Mill Creek.

The problem is causing many of the citys water customers to call City Hall to learn whats happening, she said.

We have had problems in the past. We have them every spring, but were having them sooner this year, she said.

Its causing people not to want to drink the water and causing their clothes to come out of the washing machine grungy, Lewis said.

The city does all the testing required by the state, she said. It also performs other tests.

The water is being routinely chlorinated to deactivate microbial organisms which might be present in the water, and we have increased the levels of chlorine until the water clears up, Lewis said.

The increased levels could cause taste and odor problems, she said.

The city has applied for funds to correct the problem. Lewis doesnt know if a filter will take care of the problem or if the city needs a new well, she said.

Of the towns 600 residents, only about a dozen have their own wells, Lewis said. There are 280 water hookups, she said.

The results of the latest tests for coliform bacteria were expected to be available today, Lewis said.

Residents do not need to boil their water or take any other corrective actions, the recorder said. However, boiling the water will improve the taste and odor.

Boiling for a minute is sufficient, she said.

Ray Linker