April 08, 2001 11:00 pm

ENTERPRISE The trial of a freelance photographer accused of murdering her husband, an airline pilot, is scheduled to begin July 16 at the Wallowa County Courthouse.

Liysa Ann King-Northon, 38, is accused of fatally shooting Chris Northon, 44, while he was in a sleeping bag Oct. 8 in Shady Camp in the Lostine River Canyon, 16 miles south of Lostine.

Northon is in the Union County jail in La Grande, awaiting the trial which is scheduled to take about nine days.

The couple had residences in both the Bend area and Hawaii, where Chris Northon had been a pilot for Hawaiian Airlines since 1987.

The trial was originally set for March, but Northons attorney, Pat Birmingham of Portland, requested an extension in February.

Subpoenas from the prosecution for a number of pieces of evidence in the Northon murder case were granted March 28, by Wallowa County Circuit Court Judge Phillip Mendiguren, with the stipulation that he review the evidence for relevance before releasing it.

Steven Briggs, assistant attorney general, is assisting Wallowa County District Attorney Dan Ousley in prosecuting the case. Records requested included those from the Dayton, Wash. hospital, where the defendant reportedly went for an examination, any medication in jail, and from Hawaiian Airlines.