May 06, 2002 11:00 pm
LEADER: Todd McAndie of La Grande shot a 73 on the first day of the District 7-3A boys golf tournament Monday. ().
LEADER: Todd McAndie of La Grande shot a 73 on the first day of the District 7-3A boys golf tournament Monday. ().

MISSION — The Enterprise boys and both La Grande teams were leading in their respective district golf tournaments after the first day here.

Monday's weather was not friendly to the golfers though.

La Grande boys coach Don McAndie said there were huge sales of stocking hats and hand warmers.

Enterprise boys coach Mike Crawford said it was tough to play good golf with the wind chill and the temperatures in the 40s.

Even in cold conditions, the Enterprise boys team led second-place Heppner by 12 strokes in the District 4-2A/1A boys tournament.

Enterprise's Cory Siebe shot 77, followed by Kyle Crawford with an 84, Derek Huff with 88 and Nathan Slinker's 90. Grady Rawls' 96 did not count in the team score.

Crawford said Huff, Slinker and Rawls are competing in their first district tournament and may have the jitters, but they can't complain since their team is leading.

"If we equal what we did today, it will be awfully tough for someone to beat us," coach Crawford said.

The La Grande boys were leading second-place Baker by 19 strokes in the District 7-3A boys tournament.

Coach McAndie said Baker could drop a few strokes, but if La Grande stays right where they are at, they will be all right.

"We're sitting really well right now. If we can hold on to our lead we'll be in good shape," he said.

Todd McAndie shot a 73, and if he could do that today, he could be district champion, the coach said.

Bill Waldrop was next with 77, Tyler Tucker and Willie Vaughn tied at 79, and Ricky Gloria had 82.

"Bill Waldrop had a great round," coach McAndie said. "Tyler Tucker and Willie Vaughn are both playing well. Our freshman, Ricky Gloria, is playing excellent for his first time at the district tournament."

The La Grande girls led the District 7-3A/2A/1A tournament by 22 strokes. Ontario and Burns were tied for second. Enterprise was fourth.

La Grande's Kelli Greenough had an 85, Carrie Waldrop was next with 98, Nicole Lewis had 102 and Sommer Presley finished with 123.

Enterprise is led by Kayla Miller, who shot a 98.

The tournament concludes today.

District 4-2A/1A


Monday, at Wildhorse Golf Course

First day results

Team scores — Enterprise 339, Heppner 351, Adrian 366, Echo 368, Union 378, Nyssa 395, Umatilla 397, Wallowa 401, Condon/Wheeler 405, Imbler 451.

Leading scores — Cory Siebe, Enterprise, 77; Kyle Crawford, Enterprise, 84; (tie) Kevin Drake, Heppner, Jon Bennett, Heppner and Tony Villanueva Jr., Umatilla, 85; (tie) Jason Sperr, Echo and Mike Kurtz, Nyssa, 87; (tie) Andrew Nishihara, Adrian, Derek Huff, Enterprise and Shane Clifton, Echo, 88.

ENTERPRISE (339) — Siebe 77; Crawford 84; Huff 88; Nathan Slinker 90; Grady Rawls 96.

UNION (378) — Jordi Steenstra 90; Josh Smith 94; Brian Kausler 96; Josh Steenstra 98; Jared Baxter 108.

WALLOWA (401) — Joe McDaniel 96; Ryan Harshfield 97; Nathan Swift 98; Tim Robinson 110; Jeremy McCulloch 128.

IMBLER (451) — Chase Kirkland 105; Paul Forester 107; Adam Gorham 113; Joe Harder 126.

District 7-3A


Team scores — La Grande 308, Baker 327, Ontario 357, McLoughlin 359, (tie) Riverside and Vale 377, Burns 382; Grant Union inc.

Leading scores — Todd McAndie, La Grande, 73; Bill Waldrop, La Grande, 77; (tie) Tyler Tucker, La Grande, Willie Vaughn, La Grande, Derek Riggs, Baker and Kyle Carson, Riverside, 79; Joel Strebin, Riverside, 80.

LA GRANDE (308) — McAndie 73; Waldrop 77; Tucker 79; Vaughn 79; Ricky Gloria 82.

District 7-3A/2A/1A


Team scores — La Grande 408, (tie) Burns and Ontario 430, Riverside 434, Enterprise 439, Grant Union 473, Baker 481, Heppner 507, Nyssa 519, Wallowa 540, Vale 562, Echo inc., Union inc.

Leading scores — Kelli Greenough 85, La Grande, 85; Anna Jaramillo, Ontario, 87; Shannon Witherall, Riverside, 88; Calli Hanson, Burns, 93; (tie) Kayla Miller, Enterprise, Cassie Sevivner, Baker, Carrie Waldrop, La Grande, 98.

LA GRANDE (408) — Greenough 85; Waldrop 98; Nicole Lewis 102; Sommer Presley 123.

ENTERPRISE (439) — Miller 98; Cami Conrad 108; Kayla Stoffel 109; Shayla Thompson 124; Tera Phinney 140.

WALLOWA (540) — Holli Barton 121; Angela Bombaci 124; Sadie Isley 146; Rebekah Mathews 149; Leah Pringle 162.

UNION — Jenny Clements 158.

— From Observer staff reports