May 10, 2002 11:00 pm

These Union County students may never have to use the spell check function on their school computers.

The students — David Dill of

La Grande and Raage Sofe and John Stolen of Cove — won their divisions at the Union County spelling bee


Dill, a fifth-grader at Central Elementary School, won the title for students in grades 1-5; Sofe, a Cove eighth-grader, won the grade 6-8 division; and Stolen, a sophomore at Cove High School, won the grade 9-12 division.

Words students were asked to spell included:

• Division I, grades 1-5: khaki, itinerary and quotient.

• Division II,grades 6-8: catacombs, rhapsody and promissory.

• Division III, grades 9-12: opalescent, quixotic and Rhizogenesis.

All three qualified for the state spelling contest at the Oregon State Fair in Salem Aug. 31.

The second- and third-place finishers in each division will serve as alternates. That's in the event the first-place winner is unable to attend the state spelling contest.

Students qualified for the county spelling bee by winning competitions in their school districts.

Following are the results of the county competition held in the board room of the Union-Baker Education Service District building in Island City.


Division I — 1, David Dill, Central Elementary School. 2, M.J. VanDine, Stella Mayfield Elementary School. 3, Katie O'Reilly, Central Elementary School.

Division II — 1, Raage Sofe, Cove. 2, Jordan Estes, Union. 3, Timmy Brown, Imbler.

Division III — 1, John Stolen, Cove High School. 2, Bren Sheehy, Union High School. 3, Melissa Longwell, Union High School.