May 19, 2002 11:00 pm

The wind was not blowing Saturday morning in La Grande but small clouds of dust did rise from the sidewalks of Adams Avenue.

Dust swirled as downtown received its annual spring cleaning from La Grande High School students.

About 25 students swept the sidewalks of Adams Avenue up to Max Square. Groups swept both sides of Adams Avenue, competing against one another to see who could sweep the fastest and the most thoroughly.

Although the students worked hard, they had fun as they gave each other good natured ribbing.

"Put some muscle into that sweep!'' one student yelled to another late Saturday morning.

The cleanup project was conducted by LHS's student government and the school's leadership class.

"It is the high school's way of showing appreciation to the community,'' said J.B. Weber, who is student body vice president.

Weber, who was recently elected student body president for 2002-2003, said projects like this have a unifying impact.

"It brings the school together,'' Weber said.

This is about the fifth year LHS has conducted a Town Sweep. Andrea Waldrop, LHS activities director and student government adviser, oversaw this year's Town Sweep.

Debris was swept into the street. Later, a city truck swept up the debris.

Following the sweep, hot dogs and refreshments were served by students to the public at Max Square Park. Bands later played at the park.

Sponsors of the cleanup included Pepsi-Cola Seven-Up Bottling Co. of Eastern Oregon, Safeway and Shop 'n Kart.

— Dick Mason