June 09, 2002 11:00 pm

At least 10 educators at public schools in Union and Wallowa counties with 12 or more years of experience are retiring.

Following is a list of the teachers:

Cove School District

• John Ott, an administrative assistant and industrial arts and math teacher, after 28 years with the district.

Elgin School District

Gary Bridgman, an architectural drafting and industrial arts teacher at Elgin High School, after 20 years at EHS.

Evelyn Spikes, a journalism and language arts teacher, after 26 years at Elgin High School.

Bob Thomas, a math teacher, after 36 years at EHS.

Enterprise School District

Gary Wishart, an art teacher at Enterprise High School, after 25 years.

Joseph School District

Rina Wishart, a second-grade teacher at Joseph Elementary School, after 21 years.

La Grande School District

Cherlyne Allen, an English teacher, after 24 years at La Grande High School.

John Howton, an industrial arts teacher at LHS, after 23 years.

Union School District

Tom Hayes, a language arts teacher, after 29 years at Union High School. He has been a teacher for 31 years.

Cathy Schroeder, a sixth-grade teacher, after 11 years at Union Elementary School. She has taught for a total of 13 years.

Scott Schroeder, a social studies teacher at Union High School, after 23 years at UHS and 30 years as a teacher.