June 10, 2002 11:00 pm

UNION — For a while, it looked like the junior livestock auction at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show had almost set a record.

Then they found the computer glitch.

According to Billy Jo Boothman, who is helping compile the auction results, it looked at first as if the combined sales of FFA and 4-H stock had brought in $250,000.

That was the number reported in early calls to area radio and other media, but then a second look was made.

Unfamiliar computer equipment, new people and a computer glitch combined so that some prices were doubled and calculated incorrectly.

Actual total: $171,000.

"We still did good for the number of animals we had," Boothman said, "and the kids worked hard."

The top price for any lamb went to Kevin Lynch of La Grande, who received $5.70 per pound. He had one of 164 market lambs that were sold at the sale.

The Union FFA chapter hog brought the best price among the 127 hogs sold, Boothman said, at $4 per pound.

The hogs, said Boothman and Ralph Hart, auction coordinator, "were down on numbers."

Forty-nine steers were sold at auction Saturday, with $1.40 being the top price bid for several steers.

The auction lasted until shortly after 4 p.m. Saturday. A complete list of buyers and sellers is being compiled this week by auction officials.