June 16, 2002 11:00 pm

A 25-year-old Union County woman was killed when she was thrown from her Ford Explorer in a rollover accident early Sunday evening.

Angela Shaw of 67776 Hunter Road was driving north on Hunter Road when her car went onto the gravel shoulder between Starr and Stanley lanes, Sheriff's Deputy Jim Voelz said.

Shaw overcorrected, which threw the vehicle into a sideways skid, and it rolled twice, Voelz said.

Shaw was thrown from the vehicle and was found about 100 feet from where the SUV came to rest.

Shaw's young child was belted into a child safety seat and apparently was not injured, Voelz said.

The accident, which was reported about 7 p.m., was discovered by Sheriff's Deputy Becky Maddock. At the same time, Shaw's husband, who was driving a distance behind her, arrived at the accident, Voelz said.

The speed limit on Hunter Road is 55 mph, but Voelz said he does not know how fast Shaw's vehicle was traveling.