July 17, 2002 11:00 pm

If you're going to Seahawks Stadium this fall, you won't need any flowers in your hair. What you'll need, though, is plenty of cash in your pocket.

SEATTLE'S NEW 67,000-seat stadium for football and soccer on the site of the old Kingdome is designed for the very rich, or at least for those with plenty of discretionary cash available for watching a three-hour game on a Sunday afternoon.

Want to sit on or near the 50-yard-line for the best view of a Seahawks game? Plan to spend $72 at the lower level or about $50 in the nosebleed section.

For those needing a touch of luxury, try the 7,000 24-inch-wide, high-backed, padded club seats on the second level, starting at $150. Those perched closest to the 50-yard line will be paying $280 per seat. A couple of these seats, by the way, would pay for a fairly nice leather recliner at home, where fans can watch football on television week after week in the warm comfort of their living rooms.

The mega-companies that want to wine and dine clients and politicians and occasionally take a peek at the game can pay a lease up to $150,000 a year for one of Seahawks Stadium's 82 luxury suites. We hope that at least an equal portion of their corporate spending goes for charity.

Seahawks Stadium does have some cheap seats, if you want to call them that. Some end-zone seating runs $20 or $30, but keep in mind that these seats do not have a roof, as the more elitist sideline seats do. As Seattle rain falls, and surely it well, fans better be prepared with their slickers and parkas for the 30 percent of the stadium that is uncovered. What would have been so hard about putting a cover over all the seats?

Someone defined football as several thousand fans badly in need of exercise watching 22 men down on the field badly in need of rest. Fans will be forking over some significant cash for that opportunity in Seattle this fall. Hopefully the investment they make will translate into a football team with a winning attitude and record. Meanwhile, fans can pay their money and take their chances.


The remembrance of one of America's most horrendous events of modern times, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, is coming up in just under two months.

A HUGE WAVE of patriotism occurred immediate following the attacks. To keep the spirit of America fresh in everyone's minds, citizens should display their flags beginning on Labor Day (Sept. 2) and continuing for a week after Sept. 11.

Flying Old Glory would be a fitting salute to our country and a way of remembering those who died on that fateful day.