August 01, 2002 11:00 pm

Learn from your experience

To the Editor:

I would like to commend my niece Alisha for her hard work and positive attitude. I would also like to remind her that her experience at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show should be considered as a huge compliment.

It means that she is among the best.

Unfortunately, when you are exceptional at what you do, there will always be others that try to knock you down in an effort to avoid the competition.

Alisha, please do not make this experience a negative one. You know, we know, and they know, how hard you worked, and that's what makes you so good.

This type of thing will always happen in your life as long as you excel. Learn from this experience, but do not give up! Never make it easy on your competition.

I am very happy to hear of the support that Alisha has received in the community and from the buyer of her lamb.

It just goes to show that "what goes around, comes around."

Happy endings are great!

Sandy Chess


Hoping for fireworks boycott

To the Editor:

Several years ago I was asked to be on the fireworks committee after our great chamber of commerce decided not to put on a fireworks display.

Being a flag-waver, I decided to help. The first two or three years were tough, but we did have a good fireworks show and it got bigger and better every year.

A couple of people and I, including former Observer Publisher Bob Moody, put in a lot of hours and a great deal of money. I don't regret any hours or money I put into it .

It is something the people of La Grande and Union County should have and enjoy, both children and adults.

Well, I am still a flag-waver. I love and respect our country all the way. But why did the fireworks committee change the date for the fireworks to July 5?

The country's birthday is July 4. That is the time for shooting off the fireworks.

My hat is off to this year's fireworks committee. You managed to ruin a good celebration that almost became a tradition in La Grande.

As for myself, I hope the bigger share of La Grande and Union County boycott this year's so- called celebration.

Rich Cabe

La Grande

Withholding goods, services taxing

To the Editor:

It finally dawned on me.

Withholding money is not the only form of taxation.

Withholding goods and services that society has led many to rely on is just as much a tax.

Also, cutting public jobs increases the tax rate for those involved to 100 percent.

In an economy such as this, many will have their living standard reduced.

It just depends on who those "many" are who are targeted.

It is not accurate to say "no new taxes" because that is only half the sentence that would make it accurate.

"No new taxes based on the ability to pay" finishes the sentence.

Current thinking requires those who can least afford it to pay for the recession by having goods and services withheld, and those whose jobs are eliminated.

Now you know "the rest of the sentence" (credit Paul Harvey, sort of).

Does that make any sense?

Seems like it to me.

Any comments from anyone would be appreciated.

Dan Thompson