August 11, 2002 11:00 pm

Thief puts life on hold

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to the people who have taken up the life of living off other people by taking their property from cars and purses.

I am one of those victims. Recently my purse was taken from Albertson's parking lot. It is a red-and-black-plaid purse with a long strap with a knot tied in it. Among the cards and keys in this purse are pictures that can never be replaced. They are priceless to me. Please return them to me as soon as possible.

You may not know what you do to a person when you do something like this. Their life is traumatized. They have a fear that won't go away; they are afraid to go home or even stay there.

When my keys were taken with my purse I wondered just how safe am I? Will my house be robbed or will my car be there when I go outside — even if the car is not worth taking?

You have put my life on hold. I don't know what to do, where to go, who to trust or talk to.

You may take the purse and items to Albertson's, the police station or to the address inside the purse — no questions asked. Leave a message for me at 963-6103.

Ladies, always keep an eye on your purse. Don't even move six inches from it. Always keep you hand on it or have it on your body at all times. It can be taken in the blink of an eye.

Winnie Andrews

La Grande

Fund-raising tops $1,000

To the Editor:

Again I am grateful to all the businesses and residents of Union County who helped and supported me during my 2002 American Diabetes Association fund-raiser.

The money generated from this fund-raiser will benefit not only people locally with diabetes, but diabetics throughout Oregon.

With everyone's generosity, I was able to raise $1,090.40.

Gary Hartsock

La Grande

Dog may be released

To the Editor:

I live on V Avenue and in the past two months my daughter's car has been broken into twice.

Last night the neighbor's dog barked and she looked outside to see a male person trying to enter her car, but the coward that he is, ran.

This is fair warning to you. We are watching and you will be caught. The dog may be let loose next time to catch your butt.

A plea to the city: please come and check a lot of these blocks on this side of town and help us by installing street lights.

We work hard for our possessions and this will be the last time you steal from this neighborhood.

C. Rollins

La Grande

Expand use of phrase

To the Editor:

July fourth's editorial praised the virtues of the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

It stated that dumping the "under God" would move America further from trusting in the Creator, especially when "patriotic and religious feelings" run high.

I don't think that merely retaining "under God" in the pledge goes far enough.

Surely such a great affirmation of our nation's godly heritage should not be confined to the Pledge, but should be included in everyday speech as well.

Just think of it.

When assignments are due, a patriotic pupil might tell the teacher, "My dog ate my homework under God."

Families will be drawn together in the presence of the Divine at dinner when Sis politely requests Brother to "please pass the green beans under God."

The Observer's outdoor section might include an article about "Catching Largemouth Bass under God, using artificial lures."

How uplifting The Observer's police report would be if it included an item like this: "An officer responded Thursday evening when a resident of Adams Avenue reported smelling gas under God."

Can we ever get too much Patriotic Supreme Being in our daily lives?

Susan Lindstedt (under God)

La Grande

Businesses generous

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Wallowa Valley Little League I would like to express my appreciation to the generous businesses of Wallowa County for their support of the District 3 11-12-year-olds' tournament in Enterprise.

They purchased fence advertising boards for a total of $3,075 and program advertising totaling $3,140 for a grand total of $6,215. The way the economy and unemployment is I think this is above and beyond. You can always count on them.

So next time you're in Wal-Mart, save a few bucks for your hometown merchants that support our kids.

Harold Marcum


I can see stars again

To the Editor:

In a world where large corporations can intimidate individuals, our local Safeway store has proved itself to be considerate and sensitive to the needs of the people of this community.

Landowners living close to the new store experienced glare from the lighting structures in the parking lot since the store opened in December. The City of La Grande has a lighting ordinance that says outside lights are not to penetrate into the homes and lives of its citizens. Lighting was needed, but not to this extreme.

It took several phone calls to the city manager, talking to the managers of Safeway, going to council meetings and persevering to get the problem solved. For a while it seemed that we didn't have a chance to have our needs addressed against those of a corporation as big as Safeway.

Safeway proved to be sincere about solving this problem. Their electrical company from Portland, Stoner Electric, came out July 19 and spent the night installing shields on 11 lights. They even asked for our opinion in putting the shields in the correct place on each light. In a sense, we all came together, big business, private enterprise and local landowners.

I'd like to thank Safeway and Al Vaughn from Stoner Electric for all the work, time and money put into this project, and Paul Dalgliesh, a landowner who doesn't give up. I can see the stars again from my back yard. This is a great place to live. We have good neighbors.

Denise Leidy

La Grande

Eat healthy fast foods

To the Editor:

Regarding Dave Stave's column July 25 on fast-food chains, healthy foods and Subway's promotion of its low-fat sandwiches:

I thought people might like to know of other healthy foods in fast-food places such as:

• Wendy's provides three beautiful new salads (some with grilled chicken) with fat-free dressing for $3.99; a garden salad for 99 cents; a baked potato that can be eaten plain or with sour cream and chives for 99 cents; and low-fat chili if you don't have cheese added (99 cents for small).

A few years ago someone did a study of the fast-food places and rated Wendy's best for low-fat options. I don't know if that rating still holds.

• McDonald's has Shaker Salads, one with grilled chicken, and they offer a fat-free dressing as well.

They also have a yogurt parfait with vanilla yogurt and yummy hunks of fresh (frozen) fruit. Calories and fat contents can be cut by not using the dry granola provided in a separate container on top of the parfait container.

• Dairy Queen uses non-fat products in their DQ sandwich.

Also, a customer can get the nutritional contents of any product sold at these fast-food places. If the store doesn't have it on the premises, they can call or send for information.

McDonald's has some of their things posted, but newer items are not. Another McDonald's toward Portland has an updated poster that includes current new products. All depends on the owner of the franchise.

Judith Hammonds

La Grande

Entrapment stings

To the Editor:

On July 22 I received a citation for failing to stop for a pedestrian. The cititaton carried a $175 bail.

I would like to know if others were cited for the same thing on or about this date on the street of Adams and Cedar.

I would like others' opinions of this form of sting or entrapment procedure.

Carl Sells


Racism found in strip

To the Editor:

I am writing to The Observer to lodge a complaint about a racist comic that I read.

It was a Mallard Fillmore strip about an old English woman who was required to put up a sign to warn intruders about the danger of breaking into her home, and how lucky she is that she does not live here in the U.S.A. because the sign would be required to be in English and Spanish.

Yes, there are a lot of people who live in the United States who speak Spanish and we should not discriminate against them.

I just think that your good newspaper does not have room for racist comic strips.

Tyler Dixon

La Grande