August 26, 2002 11:00 pm

Sensitivity shown after accident

To the Editor:

When my mother called to tell me of the tragic accident in Colorado on June 21, I was overwhelmed with shock, grief and concern for those in the van and the many who witnessed and attempted to assist the injured.

Reading The Observer and the Denver Post and talking to friends and family has kept me informed of the process of unraveling what happened, community grieving, descriptions of those who died by friends, teachers, clergy, family and finally the memorials that honored the lives of these vital and much loved young people.

Certainly, the grieving and healing will continue given the enormity of this event in the individual and collective lives of those involved.

I hold all in my thoughts and prayers. I am moved by the sensitivity with which the issues of this accident have been responded to by the larger community.

I come to La Grande frequently and consider it home. I want to express our gratitude to those both known and unknown to me for the kindness, forgiveness and caring shown to our niece Megan Helm and my mother. It has meant a great deal to them individually and to us as well.

Mary Helm

Michael Buckley

Marin City, Calif.

Attitude hard to understand

To the Editor:

After reading the Aug. 1 Observer, I am appalled at the mayor calling the people in the annexed area "free-loaders." I cannot understand a mayor of a city taking such a personal attitude on losing a legal action.

I heard her say at one council meeting, "Well, if we ever run low on water, we'll cut them off."

I do not think the City of La Grande thinks that we are second-class citizens or free-loaders. We pay higher water bills, sewer bills and we pay taxes.

Also since sewer, water and streets were in before she became mayor, why is this such a personal vendetta? This attitude is spiteful and mean-spirited.

La Grande should be very proud of a mayor who calls its surrounding neighbors such slandering names. Maybe she might not want us in the city limits before the next election.

Lola Rose

La Grande

Son, neighbor rush to rescue

To the Editor:

I am grateful to two people who will forever be my heroes — my oldest son, Dale, and his new neighbor across the street.

I'm sorry that I don't know his name yet, but I will be forever grateful for the neighbor's quick actions.

Dale's 17-year old brother was working on his car at Dale's new home and the jack slipped under the car and it came down and pinned his head.

The neighbor saw it happen, called 911 and rushed over to help.

At the same moment Dale saw what happened and rushed out. On his own he was unable to lift it. He strained so hard to lift it that he dented the fender and put blood blisters on all of his fingers, but it took the help of his neighbor to get it off.

Words alone cannot express my gratitude. Without their quick action, my son's injuries would have been much worse.

Lynn Buffum