April 27, 2001 11:00 pm

By Dick Mason

Observer Staff Writer

Dynasty is a word used to describe Chinas early lines of rulers, with the Ming and Chin dynasties among the best known.

Dynasty is also a word that applies to Elgin High Schools Future Business Leaders of America chapter. Elgin has had an iron grip on FBLA state competition in recent years.

Earlier this week, Elgin added to its dominance, winning its sixth straight state title at the Class 2A level.

Every year we have students who rise to the occasion, said Elgin FBLA Advisor Peggy Anthony, a business teacher at EHS.

Elgin students placed first in five events at this years competition.

Darci Miller, Future Business Leader competition

Kacie McDonald, job interview

Ashley Rysdam and Kylee Gresham, local chapter newsletter competition

Sherri Titus, outstanding chapter president category.

Darci Miller, Brenda Eckstein and Sherri Titus, community service protect competition

Elgin students also placed second in three events and third in four events.

Two Elgin students were named to the Oregon FBLA officer team. Kristin Schumacher was selected state secretary/treasurer, and Desi Cooper was chosen District 8 vice


Elgin has now won the 2A title 10 of the last 14 years.

The 2A class is for schools with 110 to 300 students.

Elgin High School English teacher Evelyn Spikes credits the success of the program to Anthony, ElginsFBLA advisor the past 16 years.

It is because of Peggy Anthony. She is an an exceptional advisor, Spikes said. ...The kids appreciate the guidance and opportunities she provides.

Under Anthony, FBLA has become on of the most popular programs at EHS. The chapter has 64 students, or 45 percent of EHSs 140 students.

Spikes said that students are drawn to the program because they see the impact it has on other


The kids make other kids see what FBLA does, Spikes said.

The state FBLA conference was held at the Jantzen Beach Doubletree Hotel in Portland.

Following are the state FBLA results for students in Union and Wallowa counties outside of La Grande High School. Students who placed in the top 15 are listed.

Accounting I: 8, Ian Culbreth, Imbler. 11, Holly Simmons, Elgin.

Accounting II: 15, Jamie Adams, Imbler.

American Enterprise Project: 2, Elgin, Kacie McDonald and Kira Page. 3, Wallowa. 5, Imbler.

Banking and Credit: 10, Stephanie Colkitt, Union.

Business Plan Project: 2, Elgin Desi Cooper, Kristin Schumacher and Claira Sailer. 4, Imbler Lizzie Woody, Emily Correll and Rachel Lowe. 8, Imbler Carmen Wise, Colin Culbreth and Ethan Davis.

Chapter Exhibition Project: 3, Kylee Gresham, Elgin.

Chapter Website Award of Merit: 3, Tara Dawson, Elgin. 15, Kiel Wadner, Union.

Community Service Project: 1, Elgin Darci Miller, Sherri Titus and Brenda Eckstein. 8, Imbler Ariana Matthews and Mary Zukin.

Local Chapter Annual Business Report: 3, Elgin Sherri Titus, Elgin. 9, Imbler Emili Woody and Jamie Adams.

Partner with Business Projects: 2, Elgin Kimber Graves and Trishila Sorenson.

Local Chapter Newsletter: 1, Elgin Ashley Rysdam and Kylee Gresham. 4, Imbler Ally Novitske and Maryann McLeod.

Mission LIFT: 2, Wallowa. 4, Imbler.

Speakers Bureau: Desi Cooper, Elgin, and Claira Sailer, Elgin.

Up Membership Award: bronze, Elgin, 10 percent.

Outstanding Chapter President: 1, Sherri Titus, Elgin.

Desktop Publishing: 3, Imbler Emili Woody and Brandon Campbell.

FBLA Principles and Procedures: 8, Rachel Lowe.

Future Business Leader: 1, Darci Miller, Elgin.

International Business: 1, Christian Fastenrath, Imbler. 4, Melissa Longwell, Union.

Introduction to Business: 3, Angela Bombaci, Wallowa.

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure: 3, Zach Myers, Imbler. 4, Kim DeWitt, Union. 11, Ace Clark, Union.

Job Interview: 1, Kacie McDonald, Elgin.

Marketing: 3, Bryan Davidson, Imbler.

Multimedia Presentation: 3, Elgin 3, Lacie Heighes and Krystal Hendrickson. 10, Micah Pringle, Wallowa.

Business plan: 2, Elgin Kristin Schumacher, Desi Cooper and Claira Sailer.

FBLA Creed 6, Tiffany Rasmussen, Imbler.

Parliamentary Procedures: 7, Imbler Lizzie Woody, Troy Hoskins, Emily Correll and Amy Clerget.

Local Chapter Business Report: 3, Elgin Sherri Titus. 9, Imbler Jamie Adams and Emili Woody.

Galaxy Star Recruiter award: Sherri Titus, Elgin.