December 01, 2002 11:00 pm

The hazy, dirty-looking horizon that diminishes the brilliance of the sun won't go away anytime soon.

A high pressure system that has hung over the Grande Ronde Valley — and much of Oregon — for the past week or so will continue in Eastern Oregon.

The air quality is rated as moderate, which in La Grande means that households should not use wood stove heat unless absolutely necessary.

According to the National Weather Service, the sun and haze will continue for another week, although the valley may get a little respite from air pollution when a weak front moves through Wednesday.

The weather services predicts a slight chance of rain for Wednesday, but by Friday the high pressure system should be back.

While the Grande Ronde Valley has seen sun, a few clouds and a lot of haze, Pendleton has been shrouded in fog and low clouds for the past week, and freezing fog in the Meacham area has made driving along Interstate 84 somewhat hazardous.

Rainfall for November was .64 inches, compared to 1.60 for last year, and the weather service doesn't expect the Northeast corner of the state to receive any significant precipitation for the next week.

— Alice Perry Linker