December 08, 2002 11:00 pm

Greenwood Elementary School's weighing scale was not at a health club on Friday but it worked overtime.


Greenwood's students weighed in for charity.

The school's students weighed the non-perishable food that they collected for the Salvation Army food bank in La Grande. The total came to 1,197 pounds for 1,440 cans and packages of food.

Don McAndie's sixth-grade class collected 455 cans of food to lead the entire school. Penny Waite's fifth-grade class was second with 281 cans and Kate Dunlap's third-grade class was third with 277 cans of food.

"It was very competitive,'' said Lori Miller, an educational assistant at Greenwood who helped conduct the food drive.

The drive started Nov. 20 and ended on Friday.

Jordyn Orton, a sixth-grader in McAndie's class, said that participating in the food drive gave her a good feeling.

"One of the greatest gifts is to be able to give to the needy and the poor,'' the sixth-grader said.

McAndie has a similar feeling.

"Whether you won at school or not, it is a winning situation for whoever gets the food,'' he said.

McAndie's class won a root beer float party for contributing the most food. The students are now anxiously awaiting it.

"They always look forward to a party. Any time there is a party they get excited about it,'' McAndie said.

— Dick Mason