May 11, 2001 11:00 pm

UNION Flowers and trees are blooming in the new brick courtyard, more photos than ever are on display, and the Union County Museum in Union is opening for another summer season.

The doors open at noon Sunday for a Mothers Day opening event, with free entrance for all moms.

The museum is steadily growing and changing, said Val Stockhoff, chairwoman of the museums volunteer board of directors.

During past months, the museum sold memorial bricks, now installed in the Ann Deering Memorial Courtyard out the back door of the museum.

Deering was a long-time museum supporter. She had always wanted the courtyard, Stockhoff said.

Inside the museum, Stockhoff said visitors should look for changes in some displays, and more photographs than ever in a new display area donated by Fred and Martha Hill of

La Grande.

The museums ag and timber building isnt quite finished yet, but only little touches are left to be done, she said.

And one visit Sunday wont be all thats


Stockhoff says that in the next few weeks, Union eight-graders plan on creating displays for the museum. Im excited about that, she said.

Also in the works are restoration projects on the little white church across the street from the museum. A Catholic church for most of its history, the building has served as the meeting place for several denominations and has now become a project of the Union police reserves.

Stockhoff said the foundation has been repaired. Now the reserves are working on painting the church, and before long a roof repair project will start.

Part of the purpose of the Mothers Day opening event, Stockhoff said, is to encourage visitors to the museum and encourage those visitors to invest time and energy as volunteers.

People tell Stockhoff when they visit that its a wonderful little museum. While many museums focus on the unusual or the amazing, Stockhoff said that at the Union County Museum we work hard to depict the normal, average Joes life in the past.

Admission to the museum for non-moms Sunday is $2 for adults, $1 for students, and free for those 6 and under.