May 17, 2001 11:00 pm

The owners of property on the side of Mount Harris will try again to get county approval to build a house on the land.

Gene and Patricia Botham will apply to the Union County Planning Commission Monday for a lot-of-record permit to allow a house on land that lies within the winter feeding range for big game.

More than two years ago, Union Countys commissioners turned down the Bothams request to build a year-around house on the property, because of its location. The commissioners said, however, a house could be inhabited during the spring, summer and fall.

Elk and other wildlife use the area along Mount Harris as a winter feeding range. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has reported concerns about wildlife-human conflict.

In December 1998, after being denied permission to build, the Bothams said the ODFW had agreed to work with them in developing the land. Union County Planner Hanley Jenkins said Thursday there has been no recent conversations between the state agency and the Bothams.

At the time they denied the Bothams application, the commissioners said the couple could reapply at any time with no additional filing fees.

A lot of record identifies land that has been owned by one person or family continuously since 1985.

The planning commission will meet at 7 p.m. in the Chaplin Building on Fourth Street.