April 20, 2003 11:00 pm

PASCO, Wash. — If anyone had any doubts, La Grande's Skyler MacDonald proved that his 195-foot effort in the state javelin throw earlier this month was no fluke.

Competing at the Pasco Invitational, one of the top prep track meets in the Pacific Northwest, MacDonald went up against 53 Washington and Oregon 3A and 4A throwers to win the javelin event with an effort of 190 feet, 0 inches.

MacDonald bounced back from a sub-par performance Friday. He won the javelin at a meet Friday in Boardman, but coach Joe Sandoz said the senior wasn't satisfied with his 172-foot throw at Riverside. He thought it was important for MacDonald to bounce back.

"After that effort Friday, he was not happy with himself," Sandoz said. "He said ‘things are going to be different' at Pasco."

Elgin's Amber Looslie also put in a spectacular effort in Pasco in the 800-meter run.

Looslie already had the top 800-meter run at the 1A/2A level with a time of 2:21.4 that she posted earlier this season.

Looslie ran a race of 2:18.57 at Pasco, which, according to the latest available results from OregonLive.com is the top girls 800-meter time in the state at any level (4A, 3A, 2A/1A).

Looslie finished fourth behind three Washington runners from bigger schools.

"She exceeded expectations," said Elgin coach Mike Somnis. He said it was good for Looslie to go up against the "best of the best" runners in the Pacific Northwest. He thinks she posted such a good time primarily because she was being pushed by top runners.

What's scary about Looslie is that she believes she can do better.

"She wasn't completely satisfied," Somnis said. "We're pretty excited right now."

La Grande's Kristin Brogdon also jumped 5-3 in the high jump, tying her personal best.

Brogdon finished seventh out of 49 girls, just an inch out of first place. She came in to the meet as the No. 13-ranked jumper, according to Sandoz.

Sandoz said Brogdon might have been able to finish higher, but she had to leave the meet in a hurry because she had an important hair appointment.

"(Saturday) was prom, and prom rules," said Sandoz. "She stayed until she could stay no longer. She was happy with both the high jump and the prom."

— Pierre LaBossire