June 15, 2003 11:00 pm

Sign "No U.N. tax" petition

To the Editor:

Following is the "No U.N. tax" petition:

Whereas, on March 18, 2002, the United Nations met in Mexico for the purpose of developing a U.N. Global Tax; and, Whereas, this direct U.N. Tax on American citizens would collect more than $400 billion for the greedy United Nations; and, Whereas, the U.N. wants a Global IRS to keep tabs on every American citizen and his bank account; and, Whereas, a U.N. Tax violates our constitutional rights and threatens our freedom; Therefore, I, the Undersigned, do hereby call on the Congress of the United States to prohibit a U.N. Tax and authorize all means available to combat this dangerous U.N. power grab.

Sign, with address, date and send to Congressman Ron Paul, c/o The Liberty Committee, PO Box 98121, Washington, DC 20090-8121.

The petition should be clear in its purpose, to keep you from being taxed by a global government. So far United States taxpayers have paid more than $30 million to the U.N.

It's time to stop the U.N. and reject its purpose of becoming the governing body of all nations. I believe in the sovereignty of the United States. The little good that the U.N. has done for anyone is outweighed by the damage it has done to the U.S.

Worldwide U.N. conferences for decades have been laying the groundwork that has changed our property rights, job market, economy, and social issues. The first step is to stop funding an organization that plans to replace your national sovereignty with a new world order. The second step is to sign the Union Sovereignty Committee's petition that is still in circulation. Isn't it time to begin fighting against the globalists?

You can contact me at 562-9039 for petitions or more information

S. Smith

Union Sovereignty Committee


State needs poison center

To the Editor:

"We're sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service...''

Beginning July 1, that is what Oregonians can expect to hear if they dial the Oregon Poison Center. OPC has no funding past June 30 and is scheduled to close. Calls will not be forwarded; people looking for answers to poison questions will have to look elsewhere.

Why do I, a Washingtonian, care? Some would say my concern is self-serving, because I work at OPC. While I don't want to look for a new job, as an RN I shouldn't have trouble finding one.

Last year OPC answered 70,000 calls. As of July 1 these calls will likely go to already overburdened emergency rooms, clinics and doctors offices, or poison questions will go unasked as people hope for the best.

However, there is a way to keep the Poison Center open. House Bill 2709 would fund OPC by using a few cents of the 75 cents every Oregon phone line already pays monthly for 911 service.

Bill sponsor Rep. Rob Patridge of Medford believes the 911 fund has adequate annual revenues to continue current services, fund future system needs, and also fund OPC. Passage of HB 2709 would keep OPC open at no increased cost to Oregonians.

Let your state senator and state representative know you want to keep OPC open, and urge them to support HB 2709.

You can find their contact information at www.leg.state.or.us or by calling 1-800-332-2313.

Marc McDermid

Battle Ground, Wash.

Disclose the chemicals

To the Editor:

I understand that the budget for vector control will soon be submitted to the paper for publication. Also that there is one number for chemicals with no breakdown as to how much for the different types.

There is a huge difference in the environmental impact and health dangers between things like malathion and BTI. Malathion is a very broad spectrum chemical nerve agent I believe and is "applied" into the air using either a truck and a cloud of drifting spray or a plane. Bad stuff.

The much less dangerous approach is BTI (I think that's the call letters), which is a bacteria put onto the surface of water that supposedly is very specific.

The mosquito eggs hatch in water and the larvae eat the stuff and die. Other things apparently do not and things that eat the dead and dying larvae are supposedly not affected.

The entire vector control effort seems to come to us via human health, so I fear that little consideration is given to other organisms or to the concept that all organisms are part of earth's fragile living layer.

So, I'd really like it if the budget folks are required to break down the chemical category for publication. They are reluctant to give me that information.

Mary McCracken

La Grande

Students show respect

To the Editor:

I experienced the most awesome renewal of hope on Saturday. At about 6 in the evening I was about to barbecue some hot dogs for my family, when two college students showed up to use the phone. It seems that they had been rafting down the river from Perry when they got caught in the thunderstorm.

They were shivering from being so wet and cold. I told them to wait under the patio for their ride. All of a sudden about 12, maybe 15, people showed up.

They were the most gracious, thankful, non-cursing young adults that I have had the pleasure of meeting in a long, long time.

I did not get all of their names, but they know who they are, and I would like for all of them to give their moms and dads kudos from me. It was the nicest thing to know that there are still some manners and respect in this day and age.

I thank the Lord that you chose my home. I needed it.

P.S. They live at the dorm, and I hope they didn't get in any trouble.

Vickie Frizzell

La Grande