June 22, 2003 11:00 pm
Phillip Glenn raises his arms in triumph after winning the Solstice Triathlon Saturday. Glenn drove about 550 miles from Reno, Nev. Glenn enjoyed the atmosphere in Eastern Oregon and hopes to come back for next year's triathlon. ().
Phillip Glenn raises his arms in triumph after winning the Solstice Triathlon Saturday. Glenn drove about 550 miles from Reno, Nev. Glenn enjoyed the atmosphere in Eastern Oregon and hopes to come back for next year's triathlon. ().

By Raenelle Kwock

Observer Staff Writer

Phillip Glenn of Reno, Nev., won the Second Annual Solstice Triathlon in 2 hours, 42 minutes, 23 seconds under cloudy skies and chilly air at Morgan Lake Saturday.

Glenn drove about 550 miles from Reno and said it felt good to win a triathlon for the first time.

"I'm pretty excited," he said afterward. Glenn has placed second in a race another time.

There were 32 triathletes and one team at the event. Among the triathletes were five women and one man from La Grande.

This triathlon is an XTERRA Points Series Race. Glenn said he tries to do six races a year.

One of the hardest sections was the 20K mountain bike, Glenn said.

"The bike (trail) is pretty technical," he said. "You really had to be on your toes."

He said there were steep climbs on the bumpy trail.

After the bike section, he finished with a 10K trail run, throwing his arms up in the end in celebration as he crossed the finish line.

"I wanted to save a little juice for the run," he said. "It went really well."

As for the 1K lake swim in 62 degree temperatures to begin the triathlon Saturday morning, Glenn did not mind. He said the water felt fine.

Glenn said he had trouble getting his wet suit zipper off during his first transition.

"Definitely, my second transition (from bike to run) was quicker," he said.

Glenn said he took a backpack, which he never carried before, with him on the bike trail with equipment in case he got a flat tire.

He said there were a lot of jagged rocks and he would not be surprised if other competitors did not have flat tires.

"Everything was well-marked (on the bike trail)," Glenn said. He mentioned that more ribbons could be put up.

"This is beautiful country," Glenn said. "I expected dry and flat desert in Eastern Oregon. I'd like to come back next year (for the triathlon)."

Glenn said overall it was a good experience.

Korrie Dubray of La Grande competed for the second year in a row and enjoyed the challenge. She got a high-five from her son Cody as she approached the finish line.

"It feel awesome (to finish)," she said. She finished in 3:41:26.

"It was better this year," Dubray said.

She said the trails were clearer, and she was familiar with the route.

Dubray said the bike course was technical and there were a few obstacles like Suicide Hill and the Rock Garden to endure.

Suicide Hill is a single 8-inch straight down path in which bikers are head down with their butt sticking up for 300 yards, she said.

Dubray said the biker is in that position for a long time after climbing up in an earlier section.

"It's intense," she said.

The Garden is in the middle of jagged flat rocks.

Dubray ran cross country in high school and college and ran marathons.

"I work out with Mary Ellen (LaBerge)," she said. "If she should (do the triathlon), I should, too."

The first women finisher for the second year in a row was Kayleen Uibel of Spokane in 2:57:08.

Glenn was the men's 25-29 winner. Aaron Unger of Anderson, Calif., was the men's 24 and under winner (4:01:30).

Jason McCain of Caldwell, Idaho, was the men's 30-34 winner in 2:57:06. Jim Long of San Francisco was the men's 35-39 winner in 2:55:00.

Michael Sexton of Fairfax, Calif., was the men's 40-44 winner in 2:53:54.

Andy Forbes of Boise was the 45-49 winner (3:00:52). Dan Abbott of Spokane was the 50-54 winner in 3:22:45. Rich Priest was the 55-59 winner (4:23:28).

On the women's side, Uibel won the 30-34 category.

Jodi Hess of Seattle was the women's 35-39 winner in 3:28:36. LaBerge won the 50-54 category in 3:43:59.

Solstice Triathlon

Saturday, at Morgan Lake

1, Phillip Glenn, 2:42:23; 2, Thomas Hayes, 2:51:28; 3, Michael Sexton, 2:53:54; 4, Jim Long, 2:55:00; 5, Jason McCain, 2:57:06; 6, Kayleen Uibel, 2:57:08; 7, Tim Condit, 3:00:52; 8, Andy Forbes, 3:00:52; 9, Aaron VanderWaal, 3:07:59; 10, Ned Hastings, 3:15:19; 11, Dan Abbott, 3:22:45; 12, Al Truscott, 3:26:07; 13, Robert Thompson, 3:27:30; 14, Jodi Hess, 3:28:36; 15, Team One, 3:31:53; 16, Richard Fernand, 3:37:42; 17, Chris Robinson, 3:41:00; 18, Korrie Dubray, 3:41:26; 19, MaryEllen LaBerge, 3:43:59; 20, Steve Clements, 3:47:20; 21, Alyssa Reischauer, 3:54:25; 22, Dan Lautenbach, 3:55.53; 23, Aaron Unger, 4:01:30; 24, Kara Reaser, 4:04:40; 25, Justin Weyand, 4:19:20; 26, Rich Priest, 4:23:28; 27, Karen Tsiatsos, 4:27:22; 28, Nicki Ebel, 4:27:24; 29, Phil Barton, 4:42:02; 30, James Blanc, 4:59:58.