June 10, 2001 11:00 pm
CLOSE, BUT NO PAYCHECK: Jeff Bayes of Emmett, Idaho, rides "Release Me" for a score of 75 points Sunday in the final session of the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show Rodeo in Union. The score just missed the top-six money placings.  (The Observer/C.J. GISH).
CLOSE, BUT NO PAYCHECK: Jeff Bayes of Emmett, Idaho, rides "Release Me" for a score of 75 points Sunday in the final session of the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show Rodeo in Union. The score just missed the top-six money placings. (The Observer/C.J. GISH).

By C.J. Gish

Observer Staff writer

UNION Somebody forgot to bring a pocketful of quarters to the final day of the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show Rodeo.

Five times in the saddle bronc riding Sunday the horse stood still when the bucking-chute gate was opened.

For one rider, though, it didnt prove to be a bad thing. When Matt Marvels horse, Toddy Mountain, failed to start strong, Marvel didnt panic.

Instead, the Nevada cowboy from Battle Mountain was ready when the young horse decided to start bucking. His ride was good enough to receive a score of 84 points, the top mark at the three-day rodeo, and a $1,749 paycheck.

My nerves were on edge a little bit, Marvel said when Toddy Mountain didnt start bucking right away. I had to take a big breath. But when she went out, everything went well.

Shes a young colt. Only 4 or something.

It marked the second time Marvel won the event at the Livestock Show. He won in 1999, too.

Last year I had a good horse, but it fell down on me, Marvel said. This is an outstanding rodeo. Theres others with more money, but this one has great some of the best bucking horses. The Flying Five/Big Bend (Rodeo Companys) horses are good. Some of the best.

Marvels score of 84 broke a two-way tie for first place held by Jess Martin of Dillon, Mont., and Donovan Biegler of Spokane. Both had an 81 from Fridays round.

When a guy breaks 80, its the best feeling in the world, Marvel said.

Randy Rae Britt of Echo turned in Sundays best time in the barrel racing on her 14-year-old stallion, Bogie Biankus. Britt ran the course in 17.92 seconds, good enough for third place overall.

(Bogie) always likes Union, Britt said. Ive been here the last six years on him and we set an arena the second year we ran here.

Amy Dale of Graham, Wash., won the barrels with a Saturday time of 17.46.

Cody Bequeaths Friday score of 87 in the bull riding gave him the top ride of the rodeo. The Caldwell, Idaho, cowboy repeated his 2000 win in the event and earned $1,881.

Other Livestock Show winners included Pueblo, Colo.s Trevor Brazile, who roped his calf in 8.8 seconds Friday. David Key of Ledbetter, Texas, and Dugan Kelly of Paso Robles, Calif., had a 5.5-second time Saturday in team roping.

Shawn Greenfield of Pasco, Wash., turned in a 4.6 second steer wrestling time Saturday, and Bobby Mote of Redmond won the bareback riding with a Friday score of 82.

Tom Sorey of Pendleton had the top average in steer roping Sunday at 32.4 seconds after posting the third-best rime in the first go at 13.1. Joe Talbott of Pendleton turned in the best time in the event with a first-go Sunday mark of 11.7. Rich Skelton of Llano, Texas, had a second-go best of 11.9 Saturday.

Eastern Oregon Livestock Show Rodeo

Final results

Calf roping 1, Trevor Brazile, Pueblo, Colo., 8.8 seconds, $2,022.24; 2, Brad Goodrich, Hermiston, 9.2, 1,673.58; 3, Stran Smith, 9.7, Tell, Texas, 1,324.92; 4, Morris Ledford, Caldwell, Idaho, 9.9, 976.26; 5, Matt Smiozawa, Pocatello, Idaho, 10.1, 627.59; 6, Justin Scofield, Flandreau, S.D., 10.2, 348.66.

Team roping 1, David Key, Ledbeter, Texas, and Dugan Kelly,Paso Robles, Calif., 5.5 seconds, $1,359.23; 2 (split), Shain Sproul, Arlee, Mont., and Kory Mytty, Lolo, Mont., and Daniel Green, Oakdale, Calif., and Allen Bach, Valley Home, Calif., 5.8, 1,007.70; 4, Brian Winn, Annabella, Utah, and Brian Roundy, Richfield, Utah,, 6.2, 656.18; 5. Larry Nordby, Mansfield, Wash., and Jason Fischer, Malott, Wash., 6.8, 421.83; 6, Howdy McGinn, North Powder, and Casey Deal, Imbler, 7.5, 234.35.

Steer wrestling 1, Shawn Greenfield, Pasco, Wash., 4.6 seconds, $2,022.64; 2, Jace Davis, Adrian, 5.2, 1,673.58; 3, David Kline, Prineville, 5.3, 1,324.92; 4, Jim Garrison, Glen, Mont., 5.8, 976.26; 5. Les SheppersonMidwest, Wyo., 6.6, 627.59; 6, Blake Knowles, Heppner, 6.9, 348.66.

Bareback riding 1, Bobby Mote, Redmond, 82 points on Bay Lady, $1,396.89; 2, Clint Corey, Powell Butte, 80, 1,058.25; 3, Mark Barkley, Redmond,79, 761.94; 4, Brandon Martin, Echo, 78, 507.96; 5, Jason Havens, Redmond, 77, 296.31; 6, Scott Johnston, Gustine, Texas, 76, 211.65.

Saddle bronc riding 1, Matt Marvel, Battle Mountain, Nev., 84 points on Toddy Mountain, $1,749; 2 (split), Jess Martin, Dillon, Mont., and Donovan Biegler, Spokane, 81, 1,139.50; 4, T.C. Holloway, Eagle Butte, S.D., 80, 636; 5 (split) Shawn Eng, Hermiston, and Rance Bray, Dumas, Texas, and Scott Johnston, Gustine, Texas, 79, 212.

Bull riding 1, Cody Bequeath, Caldwell, Idaho, 87 points on El Smako, $1,881; 2, Marcus Michaelis, Caldwell, Idaho, 80, 1,442; 3, Chad Brinkman, Molalla, 79, 1,065.90; 4, Mike Moore, Fort Collins, Colo., 78, 689.70; 5, Jared Jaques, Wallsburg, Utah, 75, 438.90; 6, Blue Stone, North Ogden, Utah, 72, 313.50; 7, Sonny Munns, Hansel Valley, Utah, 71, 250.80; 8, Todd Thompson, Pasco, Wash.,70, 188.10.

Steer roping (First go) 1, Joe Talbott, Pendleton, 11.7 seconds, $1,010.60; 2, Mike Beers, Powell Butte,12.1, 757.95; 3, Tom Sorey, Pendleton, 13.1, 505.30; 4, Jeff Coelho, Long Creek, 13.7, 252.65

(Second go) 1, Rich Skelton, Llano, Texas, 11.9, 1,010.60; 2, John Alps, Madras, 12.3, 757.95; 3, Joe Bartlett, Eugene, 12.6, 505.30; 4, Jim Ward, Heppner, 13.2, 252.65.

(Average) 1, Sorey, Pendleton, 32.4, 1,010.60; 2, Jack Purchase, Pendleton, 32.7, 757.95; 3, Mike Lynch, Walla Walla, 40.6, 505.30; 4. Ward, Heppner, 43.5, 252.65.

Barrel racing 1. Amy Dale, Graham, Wash., 17.46 seconds, $1,212.37; 2, Rachel Sproul, Arlee, Mont., 17.91, 1,039.18; 3, Randy Rae Britt, Echo, 17.92, 865.98; 4, Patty Childers, Stanwood, Wash., 17.99, 750.51; 5, Kelli Currin, Dayton, Wash., 18.01, 577.32; 6 (split) Raelene Croff, Geyser, Mont, and Judy Nearing, Lewiston, Idaho,18.09, 404.12; 8 (split) Rayna Prewitt, Sidney, Mont., and Barbra Bartos, Abbotsford, British Columbia, 18.10, 202.06; 10, Darcy Mapston, Geyser, Mont., 115.46.