June 13, 2001 11:00 pm

UNION Youth club and chapter treasuries received a boost Saturday during the Eastern Oregon Livestock Shows Junior Auction.

According to records kept by Billie Jo Boothman, about $205,000 was raised as 4-Hers, FFAers and their clubs sold off prize-winning animals. Some of the funds and donations are still coming in this week, making an exact total unavailable, Boothman said.

For this years livestock show and auction, FFA chapters and 4-H clubs were allowed to raise and show an animal in showmanship classes. The chapters and clubs could sell the animal to raise money for their organizations, or to donate the funds to either the Earl Marshall Memorial Livestock Barn building fund or the FFA building fund. A member of the chapter or club was responsible for showing the animal.

North Powders FFA chapter came out of the sale with a record. Its chapter lamb, which earlier in the week was chosen the grand champion lamb with Sammi Wendt showing it, sold for $25 a pound at the auction.

The lamb was purchased by a large group of buyers.

The chapter also raised and showed a hog, which it sold to benefit the Earl Marshall building fund. That hog sold for $1.75 per pound.

And the La Grande FFA chapter sold a 268-pound hog to benefit the FFA building fund, raising $2.75 per pound.

On a less happy note, the Joseph FFA chapter brought a lamb to the stock show, only to have the lamb die of bloat the night before Saturdays sale.

After a discussion among the chapter adviser, Dave Yost, and auction officials, the chapter was still able to sell the lamb, raising $2 a pound for the animal, plus donations, that will benefit the chapter.

Other notable sales included the Imbler FFA selling its chapter hog for $2 per pound and its building fund hog for $2.25 per pound; and the La Grande FFA selling its chapter hog for $2 per pound.

Hermistons FFA chapter donated the $1.75 per pound price for its hog to the FFA building fund, as did the Enterprise FFA chapter, which got $4 per pound for its lamb at auction.

North Powders 4-H club donated the $2.10 per pound price it received for a lamb to the Marshall barn fund.

And the Union FFA chapter lamb raised $5 per pound for the FFA building fund.

Summervilles Lil Rascal 4-H club raised $2.25 per pound for its club hog, while the Blue Mountain Livestock 4-H Club received $2 per pound for its hog.

The Mount Fanny Stockholders 4-H Club from Cove was able to get a bid of $8 per pound for its auction lamb, while the Haywire 4-H Gang of Elgin received $2.50 per pound for a lamb.