August 27, 2003 11:00 pm

Tough to find dentist

To the Editor:

Did you know that we have a slight dentist problem in La Grande? Namely the complete inability to get in to see one.

Needing an emergency root canal, I called about half of them. None of them would even see me. I told them I would give them cash. Still didn't get me in.

I told them my insurance kicked in on the first of July and they still weren't interested.

Fortunately an enlightened dentist in Baker City said he'd see me.

As a reward, and as revenge against the community I unfortunately live in, I have decided to award the Baker City dental group with all the work I need done adding up to just shy of $5,000, 80 percent of which will have to be paid in cash by me because my insurance, well, is not that good.

As another reward for them, they will have all their money within the first four months so I do not have to pay 18 percent interest to them.

This is just another case, La Grande, of someone taking their money out of town just so they can get something done. Oh yeah, they work on Friday too. They're definitely not affected by the bad case of liberalitis affecting La Grande's dentists and their staffs.

I'm saving up money so maybe I can move out of this backward city and move to Texas. At least there they had the liberals on the run with a price on their heads for a little while. Sounds like the place to be.

Let it never be said that I am not an individual who is not prepared to truly put his money where his mouth is.

Randall W. Driskell

La Grande

Parade ride great experience

To the Editor:

What a great ride down Adams Avenue Friday evening during the fair parade.

The smiles, the waves and the calls were enough to warm the heart. We only saw one person who looked a little grumpy and even he raised his hand in a kind of feeble acknowledgement.

Union County and the people who live here are truly special. Hats off to those involved in the fair and to Delta Epsilon for putting the parade together.

John and Patty Turner

La Grande

Outstanding commitment

To the Editor:

Your editorial of July 29 regarding, "Courtright has been mainstay of fair," could not have been stated any better.

Christine's (and Burr's) commitment to the Union County Fair and the Oregon Fairs Association has been outstanding.

We appreciate very much The Observer giving her the recognition she truly deserves.

Les Carlsen

OFA Area 7 representative

Wallowa County

Public works appreciated

To the Editor:

I wish to point out the excellent service provided by Dan Chevalier and the City of La Grande's department of public works.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dan and his crew in placing planters and benches throughout the downtown area this past year, and their willingness to be helpful beyond expectations has been most impressive.

I am sure the department of public works receives its share of citizen complaints, but my experience has been very positive and I am pleased to have my appreciation a matter of public record.

Judith Starr

La Grande

Crew no-show in emergency

To the Editor:

After reading Denny Langford's and Bill Hooker and Todd Hull's letters on July 28 and July 31 I felt compelled to respond.

This last spring I called the Union ambulance. My husband was having chest pains. Police Chief Dean Muchow came, but no ambulance. The chief said he could do CPR, but that was about it. The La Grande ambulance came, but still nothing from Union. The chief told the attendant, "I don't know where my crew is."

They never came.

At a later date we talked to the mayor. He said no one was scheduled to work that day.

We are very pleased with our volunteers. They are all very good, but whoever schedules the crew should be more responsible. That day could have been terrible for us. It should never happen again to anyone.

That day was the beginning of a lot of health problems for my husband.

Ermal Goucher