September 02, 2003 11:00 pm

Say no to gay marriage

To the Editor:

We teach our children tolerance and respect when it comes to somebody's religion, race, culture,opinions , beliefs, etc. This country, by the way, is the land of the free. And for that we are grateful.

There are areas, however, that no other human opinion nor constitutional amendment can ever change.

I'm talking about the institution of marriage. Even our own president wants to uphold that "Marriage is a bond between a man and a woman."

This issue is beginning to hit close to home as our neighboring country already legalized marriage between two males and/or females.

I am rallying people who believe and are courageous enough to uphold biblical principles to be on guard and protect this great family heritage God has already given to us and to our children.

A society is healthy only when it upholds marriage in dignity and honor.

Merlie Smith

La Grande

Role of ambulance volunteers misunderstood

To the Editor:

It's obvious by previous letters to the editor that the role of volunteer is misunderstood. All current Union Ambulance personnel are volunteers. Our volunteers include a Boise Cascade employee, a Union School District employee, Shell Station employee, parents, etc. They leave jobs, families and whatever they are doing at any given time to provide ambulance service to the community of Union. To achieve full-time coverage of the community, Union would have to hire full-time employees and put them on payrolls. Union cannot afford such a service.

Because Union Ambulance is a volunteer service and not a full-time paid service, there are no schedules. Whenever people are available, they respond. (Union's ambulance, with few volunteers, has an excellent response record.) It is a sad fact that occasionally there is no one available. La Grande responds at those times and at times when a paramedic level of care is needed.

Brenda Muchow


Union Ambulance Service