October 15, 2003 11:00 pm

One North Powder resident and two representatives from local media grabbed more than $1,100 in groceries during a shopping spree Friday at the La Grande Grocery Outlet. Over $900 was donated to charity.

Don Davis of North Powder was the winner of a drawing for a shopping spree at the store on Island Ave. He hauled in $222 during a three-minute time span.

After Davis had his turn, Terry Morgan of KCMB and Kelly Lovell of The Observer embarked on shopping sprees for charity.

They were turned loose in the aisles at the same time. After bumping carts and uttering oaths, they headed for the freezer section where they spent most of their time.

In about two minutes, Morgan piled up $523.07 worth of groceries, and a cash equivalent was donated to Shelter From the Storm. Lovell grabbed $414.02 worth of groceries, and that amount was donated to Neighbor to Neighbor.

The shopping sprees were a part of the Grocery Outlet chain's 30th anniversary celebration. The chain was founded in Redmond in 1973. Today, it boasts 118 stores. The La Grande store opened 14 years ago.

"Grocery Outlet has significant impact in all the communities it serves," said Randy Willson, owner of the local franchise. "We make a difference with our donations and sponsorships."

The La Grande Grocery Outlet maintains a Salvation Army food barrel. It was named the La Grande Salvation Army's Business of the Year in 2002.