October 19, 2003 11:00 pm

Going down treacherous path

To the Editor:

Former President Clinton once said, "No child in America is refused the right of silent prayer." Hogwash.

The American Center for Law and Justice has had a number of cases where a child was forbidden to say silent grace. In some schools a child may not use the words "God" or "Jesus" except in profanity.

In some schools, students are required to take courses in Islam. Parents may refuse to allow their children to take the course where the Koran is read but, heaven forbid, not the Bible. Children are taught Islamic prayers but don't you dare pray to Almighty God.

The Ten Commandments may not be publicly displayed in a state or federal building. There are 4,000 such monuments in the United States. Somehow it is wrong to display the moral code on which our rule of law is based.

The Alabama Constitution, which acknowledges Almighty God in its preamble, is declared unconstitutional by a federal judge, a violation of the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The First Amendment does not contain the words "separation," "church" or "state," but even the U.S. Supreme Court sees those words. They do not see that the First Amendment says Congress, not the courts, "shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion" and they completely miss the words, "nor the free exercise thereof."

The ACLU wants to remove crosses from federal land. Does that mean all of the national cemeteries, the 40,000 in U.S. cemeteries in Europe, and the five crosses over the heroes I buried in Imphal, Assam?

I am afraid my country, for which I fought in World War II, is on a slippery slope to perdition. God have mercy on our country.

America, bless God while we can.

Roy Hills

Island City

Fine horses found in valley

To the Editor:

Collins Quarterhorses would like to report about the great equestrian breeders in our area and how several of them have been a part of our successful breeding program of American Quarter Horse Association horses.

We have had so many people from all areas of life come to this area to view horses and conclude that they have seen the best horses raised in Eastern Oregon.

We started our business years ago breeding to a AQHA grullo, Tacoma Smoke. He still stands with Duncity Quarterhorses in Imbler, raising top quality horses.

Out of that cross was a 1989 grullo stallion, Smokes Moon Shadow. He also has proven to be also a top quality stallion.

I find it so exciting that our dreams have become reality and continue to be so and a lot of our lines have come from horses right here in our valley. It shows all the top breeders we have here in our own backyard.

It is also an honor to know that we have some of these great horses out all over the United States as well as other countries continuing on this line.

We not only have great AQHA horses but so many other great equestrian breeds like my neighbor Sharron Tartar's APHA horses. There are also many like Al and Jackie Hiatt who have given such great advice. They have been very successful raising AQHA horses and and still stand AQHA stallions in the La Grande area.

There are just too many top breeders here to mention them all. So if you are searching for a great horse, look here in your own back yard.

You can reach us at www.collins-quarterhorses.com and we can guide you to the best of breeders for whatever line or breed you might be looking for here in our own area.

Jeannie Collins


Bring on wind energy

To the Editor:

I have been reading the articles about the wind farm wanting to do business with our county.

If Union County's doors are open for business, then let's do business. New wind energy is the fastest-growing and most cost-effective renewable energy technology, producing electricity with no fuel and no pollution.

Electricity generation produces more pollution that any other single industry in the United States. Poor air quality, acid rain, nuclear waste disposal and global warming are the unwanted side-effects of traditional power production which endangers the environment.

Wind energy is a new and environmentally friendly alternative that is clean, abundant and domestic. The smog which is caused by power plant emissions can bring acute health effects which puts our elderly especially at risk as well as our children. Investments in wind energy help to reduce power plant emissions which enables us for a brighter future for all our health.

Wind energy is a clean source of electricity produced when specially designed turbines capture the wind to generate electricity.

Wind energy brings jobs and revenue for rural communities. Don't shut the doors on an industry that could benefit us all.

Barbara E. Weller

La Grande

Don't block super store

To the Editor:

If decisions were made by the common people in Ameria, I'm sure you'd find a Wal-Mart super store already here in La Grande.

Our La Grande fathers are not worried about the common person of this community. They are worried about the business owners only.

By letting the super store in La Grande, it would cause the existing businesses to have to do something they don't want to do, "some good old American competition."

Hermiston and Pendleton both have super stores and it hasn't hurt any businesses in those areas. It has caused some price competition I'm sure, and it has been good for the growth.

I would, however, have Wal-Mart sign a contract agreeing that at least 75 percent of the new employees for the store would be directly from the La Grande area.

The store would mean some growth, but it woudn't be anything La Grande doesn't need. A town must continue to grow to offer the residents the comforts and resources that other communities have.

La Grande needs the jobs that Wal-Mart will offer. La Grande needs more to offer the person who isn't meant to be a college graduate. This is why La Grande is known for so many low-income families.

The typical high school graduate has no place to work at here in La Grande, except fast-food, some state jobs and the trailer manufacturing companies.

To the council of La Grande, quit worrying about your own pockets and your friends' pockets and let the Wal-Mart super store in.

Bobbie Whitehall

La Grande

Rumor laid to rest

To the Editor:

I am writing to stop the hurtful, inaccurate rumor that is going around La Grande.

At the Cub Scout sign-ups held Monday for Pack 515, a conversation occurred about the history of the pack and some hardships it has overcome. A statement was made that in the past, Pack 515 had some money and awards embezzled by the cub master and committee chairman. This part of the conversation has been repeated.

It has been assumed by some people in the community that it was Jamie and Crystal Werner, the most recent cub master and committee chairman. I would like to set the record straight. It was not Jamie and Crystal.

The incident talked about happened before the Werners joined Pack 515. They in no way were involved in this terrible ordeal.

Jamie and Crystal put their hearts and souls into Pack 515 and the Cub Scout program. They took a pack that was without leadership and made it a strong and solid unit. They also ran a very successful Cub Scout Day Camp for several years.

When the time came for their son to cross over into Boy Scouts, they crossed over with him.

The troop welcomed them with their strong scouting beliefs, knowledge and support with open arms. They did not leave Pack 515 under shaky circumstances. Their leaving the pack was a natural process of following their son into Boy Scouts.

As their friend and fellow scouter, I would like to apologize to Jamie and Crystal for my part in this rumor.

Lonni Haggerty

La Grande

Volunteering reduces costs

To the Editor:

In response to your editorials in Tuesday night's paper I have an "atta-boy!" and a "what the heck?"

First, the "atta-boy!" Thank you for pointing out the importance of volunteering. In helping to coordinate the Wallowa Valley Youth Soccer League, I know how important volunteers are.

We had a family move to the county that couldn't believe our soccer registration was only $12 per child. He said they paid $75 per child — and all I could think was, "Wow, How many kids did that eliminate?"

Volunteering keeps costs down so it is affordable to all. Volunteering is a great way to meet other families and people in the community. Volunteering is a great way to hang out with your kid and their friends and really get a good picture of what is going on in their lives. I have reduced myself to bribery and even guilt sometimes to get parents to help. They usually thank me later.

Volunteering can be a great experience —especially if it is not always the same people volunteering! Volunteers are needed for a variety of things — just ask.

Now the "what the heck?"

Your statement regarding "The great thing about college football is that "sometimes great coaching can overcome better talent on the opposing team" didn't exactly ring well in my ears. Ranked teams are only that way until they play — right?

Seems to me, the better team won on Saturday — so where does the "talent" lie? Maybe an Oregon team is ready to be reckoned with on a national level. Who cares if it's Oregon, Oregon State, Mountaineers—give credit where it's due!

Don't write an editorial like that then summarize it the way you did. It's like patting someone on the back, then pulling the rug out from under them.

Go Ducks!

Wendy McDaniel


Give wind farm break

To the Editor:

When I first heard about Alpine's wind farm project, I wondered how long it would be before the various tax-funded authorities had their way with it.

It is too good a project to allow it to be successful without inter- ference.

If you don't want new business, just make a rule. Or be fair and tax the city of La Grande for the removal of City Hall when it falls. Tax the university for the time when it will fall. Tax yourselves for the cleanup of the debris from the failed business ventures funded with taxes.

Do you need more taxes so you can pay rookie sheriff deputies to hide behind the Island City water tower to catch tired speeding taxpayers going home from work at 5:30 p.m. on Walton Road?

Do you need more taxes to fund the drug and alcohol programs where the only participants are there because they are ordered there by the court and will go to jail if they don't comply?

Do you need more taxes for local food giveaway programs where the same people for five years in a row get free food, while getting every other welfare freebie?

If you want to tax the windmill business and keep it out of the county, then do this: Order CHD to prescribe Prozac to the 30 percent of the county citizens who aren't already on it. Then nobody will care.

Do I sound like a nut case? I am not. I am a hard-working business owner and employer who is tired of paying taxes for phony programs and tired of hearing governments clamoring for more.

Enough is enough.

Give the windmill boys a break. The deer and elk will make it and so will we. And if we make it, you will make it. Our taxes guarantee it.

Bob Martin