June 24, 2001 11:00 pm

Nurses role minimized

To the Editor:

Im writing in response to the articles about the Center for Human Development and David Stills letter to the editor.

Im writing as a member of this community, a mental health provider, and a supportive spouse of a former employee of CHD. I have been a nurse for 14 years and a psychiatric nurse practitioner for five years.

I feel the role nurses play at CHD is minimized by the administration, even when they are an integral aspect of promoting and maintaining the well-being of the community. Therefore, I feel the administration has a rather narrow perspective on the dynamic nature of the nursing profession, which may come from their own ignorance or simply wanting to ignore them.

I know a portion of the nurses at CHD and with some of them have played a role in their nursing education. The emphasis within their program tended to focus on respecting their nursing profession and providing quality patient care.

Furthermore, such a focus promotes being an advocate for the patient. I strongly believe that my wife, who was a former nurse at CHD, attempted to promote these aspects. However, her attempts were either met with resistance or simply ignored by the administration.

Therefore, her attempts were dismissed and she became labeled as someone who was trying to disrupt the status quo. However, to be labeled eventually as a conspirator against CHD and interrogated by an emotionally abusive officer is grossly inappropriate when there wasnt a crime committed.

Furthermore, her character was basically attacked because she wanted to improve her work environment and promote the well-being of, as David Still wrote, emotionally unstable patients.

Finally, there needs to be a source to promote the truth and to question our supposedly respected members of the community or institutions.

Tim Holt

La Grande

Bless those merchants

To the Editor:

Shame on you, The Observer, because you must be included along with the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, not to mention the real estate agent and others who are entirely motivated by greed. So says the wise man from Union in his response published in the June 13 edition of your paper to one written by me on June 6.

The purpose of the June 6 buffoonery letter was to try to encourage positive community thinking for the betterment of all.

Now your Union writer comes up with the idea, and I quote, births must replace deaths as the salvation of our community. For every baby born one elder must die! He cites the many discontents of Boise, Idaho.

Idaho is none of Unions business. If the people are discontented, they can move to greener pastures. Its a free country. A certain amount of grumbling, of course, is good. It stimulates good ideas.

The idea that deaths must equal births motivates me to revise the age-old rhyme: After Eve ate the apple she smiled very sweetly and patted the serpent on the head. According to your Union letter writer, the 2001 version of this rhyme should read: After Eve ate the apple and knew she had made her bed, she smiled very sweetly and cut off Adams head!

An apology like the one Bush extended to China is offered to your correspondent from Union. I am sorry, very, very sorry, to have buffooned his comments, and I hope his father did not die when his mother increased the population.

Bless those greedy merchants who make life more livable and furnish jobs to our offspring so that they may live close by to comfort us old fogies who dont know what life is all about.

David S. Arnott


Money distributed locally

To the Editor:

Russell Sadler in his June 5 column appeared to not have even read Bill Sizemores measure that would abolish residential property taxes and replace the revenue with a 4 percent retail sales tax.

Sadler states that the measure would give the Legislature control over local revenue. Not so. Under Sizemores measure, sales tax revenue would be distributed by constitutional mandate to local governments so as to replace their lost property taxes.

Sizemores measure does not allow the Legislature to change the distribution formula unless request- ed to do so by a majority of local governments.

Sadler states that counties could enact a local sales tax, but cities could not. Again, he apparently didnt read the measure before he criticized it.

Revenue from the 1 percent local option county sales tax that is allowed under the measure must be distributed to all local governments in the county, including cities, in proportion to the amount of property tax revenue they previously received.

Maybe if Sadler actually read the measure he would see that Sizemore did a bang-up job of designing a sales tax proposal that Oregonians could vote for. It maintains local control. Its boxed in so it can never exceed 5 percent and it totally eliminates residential property taxes forever.

Ive never voted for a sales tax in my life. But I can and will this one.

Maybe if Russell Sadler actually read it, he would too.

Abner Bobo, board member

Oregon Taxpayers United

Education Foundation

Oregon City

Check out quality of foster homes

To the Editor:

It only takes one bad apple to ruin the barrel.

Before you put a family member or loved one in a foster home, check with patients family members to see if they like the care, food and recreation they are receiving. Beware face value is very deceiving.

The State of Oregon has been known to issue a foster home license after complaints of patients family and friends. The operator of one home was sent to diet classes to learn what to feed our loved ones.

Beware, the food might be a cold drive-in burger and fries. Dont cold taters sound great? A menu a joke makes good wallpaper. No one is there to see if the menu is followed except those of us who visit a loved one

Beware, patients can end up with bed sores from neglect. When that happens, nurses are sent in, but many times it takes a week or up to a month to get the abuse cleaned up.

And sometimes there are urine-soaked mattresses. Its unbearable. Imagine living in this environment 24 hours a day.

Not all, but some foster home caregivers, people issuing licenses and those who are supposed to be inspecting these homes should be closed down, fired or replaced for not doing their jobs.

We have two organizations, Senior and Disabled Services Division, which issues licenses, and the ombudsmen who are called in to check things out and write up violations. I ask why violations arent processed or people fined or homes closed. The answer from the state is, Well, no one died.

Some caregivers should be replaced. They have no feelings for the elderly. There is an old saying, What goes around comes around, and some of these caregivers and inspectors that issue licenses to unqualified foster homes might end up in one of these homes, sitting in soggy diapers and their behinds might rot off.

Leo Brookshier

Baker City