June 26, 2001 11:00 pm

ENTERPRISE More than 100 members participated in the annual Wallowa County 4-H Spring Fair June 19-21 at the fairgrounds in Enterprise, with most of the contests held in Cloverleaf Hall.

The 4-H dog show was held June 16. The three-day event provides members with a chance to receive public recognition for their accomplishments. Awards for the fair were presented at the public Fashion Revue and Awards Ceremony June 21.

Special Awards: Gingher scissors from the 4-H Leaders Association are awarded to the champion in each division: Champion Junior, Chandelle Arner; champion Intermediate, Jacinda Mitchell. Both girls are from Enterprise.

Champion 1st year junior measurer, Rochelle Wortman from Wallowa, received a gift award from Norman Arts by Tim and Nickie Norman.

Cooking Awards: Champion Outdoor Cookery members received a gift award provided by Debi Schreiber. Champion junior member was Brady Norman, Enterprise; champion intermediate, Rayanna Mitchell from Enterprise, who also received a $5 cash award from the Oregon Pork Producers for her recipe. The Oregon Pork Producers also awarded $5 to senior member Sadie Isley of Wallowa for the champion mini-meal using pork. The champion intermediate member using beef in a mini-meal, Maggie Norman from Enterprise, received $5 from Wallowa County Stockgrowers by Rhee Lathrop.

In the table-setting contest, champion junior, Monique McKenzie from Wallowa, received a gift award from The Carpenters Lady. Champion Intermediate member, Chris Lozier of Enterprise, received a gift certificate from Enterprise Stationery.

Kyle Bollman of Enterprise received a $25 award from the Oregon Dairy Women for the best recipe using a dairy product.

The best junior cook, Brady Norman, received a book certificate from Imnaha Grange. The best intermediate cook, Katrina Anderson from Enterprise, received The Joy of Cooking from The Bookloft. The best senior cook, Jennifer Williams from Enterprise, received a cookbook from Chuck and Kris Fraser.

Plaques were awarded to champion competitors in individual and team presentations. Individual presentation awards were: Junior, Madeline McMonies of Joseph, by the Wallowa County Fair board; Intermediate, Caitlin Turner of Wallowa, by Ella Daggett; Senior, Jennifer Williams of Enterprise, by Alpine Insurance. Team awards were: juniors, Kelsey Lindsey and Trevor DeVore of Wallowa, by Greg and Eva Oveson; intermediates, Kallie Hadden and Chelcee Noland of Enterprise, by Dr. Gary Underhill; and senior, Kimberly Temple and Zack Skillings of Wallowa, Harley and Agnes Caudle Memorial by Rhee Lathrop and Arlyne Makin.

Fashion Revue champions received trophies provided from High Mountain Awards: junior, Crystal Yergen of Joseph; intermediate, Alyse Fischer of Enterprise

Ribbon placings: Junior Food Contests: Better Breakfast champion, Brady Norman; Snappy Snacks champion, Elizabeth Yergen; reserve champion, Monique McKenzie; blue, Crystal Yergen; red, Kyle Neal. Cookies champion, Crystal Yergen. Microwave contest blue, Crystal Yergen. Outdoor Cookery champion, Brady Norman; red, Kyle Neal. Intermediate: Microwave contest champion, Krista Stangel; co-reserve champions: Katrina Anderson and Rayanna Mitchell; blue, Chelsi Moncrief. Fruit and Vegetable Champion, Sara Freels; reserve champion, Chris Lozier. Sandwich champion, Sara Freels; reserve champion, Maggie Norman. Yeast champion, Maggie Norman. Dairy Product champion, Kyle Bollman. Main Dish champion, Katrina Anderson; reserve champion, Matt Williams. One Pot Meal blue, Katrina Anderson. Mini-Meal champion, Katrina Anderson; reserve champion, Maggie Norman. Outdoor Cookery champion, Rayanna Mitchell. Senior: Main Dish champion, Jennifer Williams. Mini-Meal champion, Sadie Isley.

Favorite Foods contest: Junior, champion Kelsey Lindsey; reserve champion, Hailie Feiling; blue: Monique McKenzie, Kyle Neal, Theresa Stangel. Intermediate Champion, Kallie Hadden; co-reserve champions, Sara Freels, Krista Stangel; blue, Katrina Anderson, Rayanna Mitchell, Darcy Witherrite, Chelsi Moncrief.

Favorite Outfit contest: Junior champion, Liane Maasdam; reserve champion, Kelsey Lindsey; blue, Hailie Feiling; red, Chandelle Arner, Theresa Stangel, Kyle Neal. Intermediate champion, Kallie Hadden; Reserve Champion, Erin Voss; blue, Tressie Anderson, Alyse Fischer, Emily Maasdam, Jacinda Mitchell, Rayanna Mitchell, Maggie Norman, Darcy Witherrite; red, Katrina Anderson, Alison Curry, Chelsi Moncrief, Madeline Smith.

Table Setting: Juniors: Champion, Monique McKenzie; Reserve champion, Kyle Neal; red: Hailie Feiling, Ayesha Wortman, Crystal Yergen, and Elizabeth Yergen. Intermediate: Champion, Chris Lozier; reserve champion, Matt Williams; blue: Katrina Anderson, Sara Freels, Rayanna Mitchell, Maggie Norman; red: Kyle Bollman, Alison Curry, Madeline Smith. Senior: red: Sadie Isley.

Measuring Contest: for 1st year junior cooks: champion, Rochelle Wortman; reserve champion, Elizabeth Yergen; red, Monique McKenzie.

Sewing Skills: Juniors: Level 1, champion, Chandelle Arner; red, Elizabeth Yergen. Level 3, red, Crystal Yergen. Intermediates: Level 2, Red, Alison Curry; Level 4, red, Rayanna Mitchell; Level 5, Champion, Jacinda Mitchell; reserve champion, Maggie Norman; blue, Alyse Fischer, Erica Howerton.

Crochet skills: Intermediate: blue, Alison Curry.

Fashion Revue: Junior: Champion, Crystal Yergen; reserve champion, Hailie Feiling; blue, Chandelle Arner, Theresa Stangel, Karla Wilsey, Elizabeth Yergen. Intermediates: Champion, Alyse Fischer; co-reserve champions, Jacinda Mitchell and Erin Voss; blue, Erica Howerton, Rayanna Mitchell, Maggie Norman; red, Tressie Anderson, Alison Curry, Krista Stangel.

Crochet Fashion Revue: Intermediate: blue, Alison Curry.

Presentations: Individual Junior: Champion, Madeline McMonies; reserve champion, Mallory Turner; blue: Chandelle Arner, Caleb Platz, Tessa Kuppinger, Monique McKenzie, Colby Patton, Devin Patton, Pake Schnetzky, Emma Survis, Ayesha Wortman, Crystal Yergen, Megan Yost, Shelby Harshman; red, Liane Maasdam, Christina Montgomery, Kyle Neal, Tyler Soares, Theresa Stangel. Intermediate: Champion, Caitlin Turner; reserve champion, Tricia Kunkle; blue, Julie Butterfield, Kyle Clough, Celeste Hillock, Jessi Howard, Joy Kuppinger, Madeline Smith, Matt Williams; red, Alison Curry, Casey Montgomery. Senior: Champion, Jennifer Williams; reserve champion, Sadie Isley; red, Juliann Snyder. Junior Team: Champion, Trevor DeVore and Kelsey Lindsey; reserve champion, Riley Wortman and Rochelle Wortman; Blue, Dominique Cherry and Amanda Fennell; Marcus Anderson and Lucas Stangel; red, Christina Marks and BoDean Warnock. Intermediate Team: Champion, Kallie Hadden and Chelcee Noland; reserve champion, Lynique Oveson and Relissa Wortman; blue, Brady and Maggie Norman; Tanner Beglau and Kady Dougherty; Olivia Soares and Lelia Wortman; Jacinda and Rayanna Mitchell; Sara Freels and Krista Stangel. Senior Team: Champion, Kimberly Temple and Zack Skillings.

Food Judging contest: Junior: Champion, Crystal Yergen; reserve champion, Elizabeth Yergen; blue: Monique McKenzie, Brady Norman, Kelsey Lindsey; red, Kyle Neal. Intermediate: Champion, Jacinda Mitchell; reserve champion, Katrina Anderson; blue, Alyse Fischer, Rayanna Mitchell; red, Alison Curry, Sara Freels, Maggie Norman, Krista Stangel. Senior: Champion, Jennifer Williams; reserve champion, Sadie Isley.

Clothing Judging contest: Junior: Champion, Crystal Yergen; reserve champion, Chandelle Arner; red, Elizabeth Yergen. Intermediate: Champion, Jacinda Mitchell; reserve champion, Rayanna Mitchell; blue, Alyse Fischer, Maggie Norman; red, Alison Curry. Senior: Champion, Jennifer Williams.

Archery: High Point Archer, Justin King, received a trophy from Don and Bessie Rynearson. Test Champion, Michelle Phillips; reserve champion, Michael Hanson; blue: Rile Wortman, Justin King, Alexia Briggs, Clay Freels; Red, Casey King, Nate Jeffries, Jarad Zwanziger, Luke Stangel, Brady Norman; White, Colby Byers, Brennan Evans, Caleb Stroup.

Shooting competition: Class 1, Grade 4: Champion, Casey King (135), Blue, Caleb Stroup (85), Colby Byers (83); Red, Alexia Briggs (40), Brennon Evans (37).

Class 2, Grade 5: Champion, Lucas Stangel (71).

Class 3, grade 6: Champion, Brady Norman (164); Reserve champion, Jarred Zwanziger (127); Blue, Michael Hanson (123); Red, Riley Wortman (27).

Class 4, Grade 7: Champion, Justin King (198), Blue, Nathan Jeffries (116).

Class 6, Grade 9: Champion, Clay Frees (157); Blue, Michelle Phillips (93).