June 28, 2001 11:00 pm

Expect a blast

on the Fourth

If you enjoyed last years Fourth of July celebration at Community Stadium, youre in for a treat this year. The fireworks display and the entertainment are growing.

The volunteer Fireworks Action Committee is expanding this years show because of the response it has had from the community both in terms of financial support and in approval for what the celebration has become. The committee is boosting the size of the fireworks show from $7,000 to $8,500 so showgoers will see a bigger and better show. Not only will the event feature more fireworks, but more entertainment and better sound is on tap. The celebration will include a kiddie parade and three bands the Mike Mallory Band, Too Loud MacLeod and the Silencers, and the Nuketown Cowboys. The committee has contracted for a sound system and will put the stage on the 50-yard line near the scoreboard facing the grandstand.

So far, the Fireworks Action Committee has enough money between the carryover from last year and whats been collected this year to cover the $12,000 tab of this years event. But donations need to keep rolling in, folks, so that next year the committee can have the same kind of running start financially that it had this year.

The Fireworks Action Committee, headed by Fire Chief Bruce Weimer, should be commended for the work it has done to keep the all-volunteer effort going and in responding to the communitys generosity. The committee is boosting this years show because the community has responded year in and year out to requests for donations. If the donations keep rolling in, the show can keep expanding.

The committee is covered for this year all $12,000 of expenses, Weimer said. But a base must be built for next years show.

If youve thought about donating, go ahead and do it. Any amount is appreciated and will be banked to make sure next years show can be a success. And if you go to the celebration and like what you see, throw a donation in the bucket.

La Grandes Fourth of July celebration can be as great as the community wants it to be.


As long as were on the topic of the Fourth, please remember the importance of safety over the holidays. Think safety when it comes to handling fireworks. Think safety if youre heading to the woods. And if youre planning on partying, think about safety on the highways. Remember: Dont drive if youve been drinking.

Lets make this holiday a safe one. If we think about what we do and the consequences of our actions, perhaps we can get through the Fourth without any serious and preventable accidents.